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We can help people improve their lifestyle in very important ways for big improvements that can make major changes in the potential to avoid many health problems and also extend lifespan!

We help people learn how to function much better - clearer thinking and decision making abilities, more energy and vitality, more stamina, less stress, anxiety, and depression.  Enjoy life more and enjoy a longer life that has much less potential for cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) and several cancer conditions, and numerous other undesirable health conditions that routinely plague millions of Americans. 

These conditions are killing about a million people in America each year. 

We have developed practical natural solutions for many health conditions!

We really do know how to help people get much more out of life with better nutrition, better digestion and elimination processes, better sleep and relaxation, improved memory and recall abilities, and more fun!

We have developed two revolutionary home-study education programs that teaches our advanced health care concepts and these education programs are truly amazing.  It is very easy to learn our copyrighted advanced health care concepts about actions that our clients can easily take to quickly develop a greatly improved lifestyle.  These very helpful lifestyle improvement concepts can enable a person to make big improvements in their short term, medium term, and long term health potential (their potential to live a much healthier life with less suffering from the health conditions and disease conditions that commonly plague many millions of Americans each year).

This is the first time that we know of in American history that an advanced health care concepts education program similar to this one has ever been offered to people, anywhere in America.  Wow!  What a health care breakthrough this is!  And we have made it easy and interesting to learn how to accomplish this in the comfort and convenience of your own home.  Can health care concepts education get better than this?

We will tell you more about our fantastic advanced health care concepts home-study education programs a little later, but first, we have some more very exciting information to share with you - right down below.  Stay with us for very valuable vital health care concepts information that is FREE at this Website (when used according to our Terms and Conditions) and you can get started with these vital health care concepts and make very important lifestyle improvements today if you like.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  If you have not already done so, please review the information presented in our Terms and Conditions department before visiting our Vital Health Care Concepts department, or reviewing any other information presented in this Home department or reviewing any health care information presented in other departments at this Website.  Reviewing any additional information at this Website beyond this point indicates that you have read our Terms and Conditions and you agree to fully comply with the Terms and Conditions stated therein.  See Icon Link at the top of this department.

Where Are You Now?

You are at our main health care education information Website.  This Home department presents an overview of our corporate business.  We develop and marketing advanced health care concepts home-study education programs - for business owners, business managers, professionals, and many other citizens of the great state of South Carolina.  

Additional information about our health care and wellness education programs is available in the Health Care Concepts Education Programs department of this Website.  After reviewing the important information in this Home department, you can choose to visit several other departments, but we recommend that your next department visit should be our Vital Health Care Concepts department.  The health care improvement concepts presented therein are some of our core innovative advanced health care concepts that can help motivate you to take much better care of your health assets. 

After that department visit, you can choose to visit other departments at this Website, but you may find it helpful to then take a quick detour trip to our newest Website to get a good overview of our new advanced health care concepts home-study education programs.  At the end of the Vital Health Care Concepts department, you will be provided with a hyperlink (link) that can take you to this new Website.  It will explain the main features and benefits of our incredible and fantastic advanced health care concepts home-study education programs.  One of our home-study education programs could be worth many thousands of dollars to you and your family, and could enable you to be more successful in practically everything that you do at work and at home with family and friends for many years. Yes, this is really true!

Our revolutionary advanced health care concepts home-study education programs provide very valuable health care concepts that we have developed over a period of many years and at great cost (more than 1.6 million dollars).  You will be offered an opportunity to consider leasing one of our two home-study education programs, and your cost will likely be a tremendous bargain compared to the many challenges and complex difficulties and the many expenses that our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, endured during his diligent quest to find a way to help ordinary people (and extraordinary people) learn how to greatly improve their potential to live a much healthier life in a reasonable and sensible manner that is also cost-effective to accomplish. 

Cost Effective: The improved lifestyle actions that we propose for people can cost less than the old lifestyle, and the cost-savings strategies that we also teach in our training programs can enable people to save a lot of money.   These cost reductions may in fact pay for most or maybe all of the lease cost of their training program - and this pay back in savings can occur for many people in just one or two years.   When we also give proper consideration to the incredible and tremendous health care advantages and benefits that we offer to individuals and to families, and also consider the probably cost reductions in health care expenses during their lifetime, it actually makes no sense at all to not lease one of our health care concepts home-study training programs - as soon as possible (ASAP). 

Every day that a person waits to get started with learning our advanced health care concepts is another day where they are likely doing a number of things that are harmful to their health and to their potential for a longer and healthier life.   Our president, Lonnie Willoughby, has spent tens of thousands of hours of his time developing these special health care concepts, over a period of more than 35+ years, and any price you pay to obtain access to these remarkable health care concepts will be a bargain like you have never seen before in very valuable health information.  Lon has really worked long and hard to put the major pieces of the very complex health care puzzle together, and we believe that he has done an exceptionally good job of developing a major breakthrough in human health care management knowledge. 

Our Website at is our Introductory Website and it contains a department about Lon's Motivation for his intense dedication and determination to find a practical and sensible and cost-effective way for people to learn how to take much better care of their precious health assets.  Lon's parents are now deceased and they did not have access to Lon's major breakthrough in health care knowledge, along with other Americans, and that tremendous health care deficiency greatly diminished the quality of life for Lon's parents in a very detrimental way.  Those circumstances occurred many years ago, long before Lon had acquired his current advanced health care concepts knowledge

This very common and wide-spread deficiency in vital health care concepts knowledge caused a lot of misery and suffering and a lot of financial expenses for Lon's parents and other family members (including Lon).  He has learned how to help people avoid or minimize those tragic health care conditions.  In a nutshell, this was at the core of Lon's Motivation to diligently study and search for ways to help many people avoid similar catastrophic health care conditions that can greatly diminish the quality of life.  Similar health care conditions happen to millions of people in America every year.  

You may find Lon's Motivation department to be very interesting reading that will be beneficial to you.  Use the link below if you want to read about what motivated Lon to make such a determined effort to develop his advanced health care conceptsPlease remember that millions of Americans are suffering daily because they do not know the incredible health care concepts  that Lon gradually discovered over a period of many years of study and research and actual health care work.

NOTE:  ABC of Health is located in Mauldin, South Carolina.  Mauldin is a really nice town with a population of about 24,000, and this modern town is only eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina (a much larger city).  Lon Willoughby and his wife Janie moved to Mauldin in November 1977, so they have lived here a long time and they really like living in Mauldin.  It has all of the very convenient advantages of a really nice small town and it is also close to a really good major metropolitan city, just eight miles away.  A major four-lane highway (U.S. 276) makes it very easy and convenient to travel from one city to the other.  Interstate Highway 85 is only three miles from Mauldin, between Mauldin and Greenville, and I-385 is less than two miles away.  Mauldin is an excellent location for ABC of Health.     


ABC of Health Has A Very Important Business Plan  

We permanently closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, South Carolina on April 24th, 2014. This action was taken, after 14+ years in the health store business in Greenville County.  This closing action enabled our personnel to focus most of their work time and effort toward developing and then marketing our much needed  advanced health care concepts education programs for local business owners, managers, and some of their employees and gradually expanding our efforts so we could help many other people in other locations.

Click on our link BIG BONUS - visit Mall ( at the top and bottom of each department ) and see how you can obtain some of our very valuable proprietary health care concepts information Free.  This special health related information can be very valuable to most people.  Our copyrighted advanced health care concepts (more than fifty) are worth many thousands of dollars for people in general, and they are worth much more for people who are wealthy.  We have developed advanced health care concepts that are life-changing for all of our clients, and they can also be life-saving health care concepts for many of our clients.

Large Numbers of People Die in America Each Week

We estimate that about three thousand Americans die each day (average), and this means that about 21,000 Americans die each week (on average) from all causes.  We also estimate that more than ten thousand of those Americans died weekly because they were not using our advanced health care concepts in their lifestyles in a reasonably responsible manner.    

In other words, if those people had been using our advanced health care concepts to a reasonable degree, thousands of them would likely still be alive and probably enjoying good health.  Yes, our advanced health care concepts are really that important!!!!   

We have good reasons to believe that our advanced health care concepts could save several hundred thousand lives each year in America if they were used to a reasonable and responsible degree.  This situation could also save millions of individuals and government agencies billions of dollars in medical care costs. (federal and states agencies combined)

Recommendations: If you are ready to get serious about learning how to protect and nourish your precious health, we recommend that you review the very valuable health care concepts information that we provide for your consideration in the various departments of this Website.  We suggest that you visit each department for a few minutes and scroll down through the information presented to obtain a quick overview of each department.  

You can then spend additional time reviewing the departments that have the highest priority for your health care concerns right now.  You may want to put this Website in your Favorites to make it easier to visit this Website again for additional vital health care information.

 We also suggest that you review these departments in the following order:

Home, Vital Health Care Concepts, Consultation Information, About Us

The valuable health care concepts information presented in these departments can help you understand how to make some important improvements in your lifestyle, and you can get started today.  All of this health care information is FREE - our health care gift to you for taking time to visit our Website.

Please observe that some of our departments are user name and password protected - only members of our special Healthy Lifestyle Club have access to the incredibly valuable, super life-changing and life-saving advanced health care concepts information that is presented in those departments.

NOTE:  Our health care consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby) knows how to help people make smart and wise decisions about healthy lifestyle actions, nutrition supplements, and other health-promoting products.  He knows how to help people learn how to save time, and effort, and money in striving to achieve much better health in a more competent and much more efficient and cost-effective manner. 

Lon also know how to help our clients shop on the Internet wisely for nutrition supplement products:  vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, protein powders, intestinal cleanses, parasite cleanses, fruit drinks, whole food nutrition products and equipment such as: quality built CHI exercisers, rebounder exercisers, portable type FIR (far infrared) sauna, water filters, bathing water filters, shower filters, bath tub filters, water purifiers, alkalizer and ionizer water processors.  

We can also help our clients shop for other types of products at the amazing shopping mall (more than a million products are available at generous discount prices, and free shipping is available for many purchases that total $35.00 or more).

You can click your mouse on our  hyperlink (link) Icon BIG BONUS - visit Mall ( at the top and bottom of this Home department ) and see a special department about shopping at the amazing shopping mall.  That department will explain how you can obtain some of our very valuable proprietary healthcare concepts information Free by becoming one of our clients.

This special information can be very valuable to most people, and we invite you to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to obtain some of our very valuable advanced health care concepts information Free.  Check it out because it may be very valuable to you and your family members over time.

ABC's Business Operations Plan Focus

Although we permanently closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, South Carolina on April 24, 2014, our South Carolina Corporation is still in business in an expanded way.  We are now focused more intently on providing advanced health care concepts education programs so we can help many more people than we could ever help with our health and wellness facility.  

Our business name, mail address, phone numbers, and our Websites continue in operation.  Our Websites have been updated to help educate people about the very valuable healthcare concepts training programs that we can provide.  

We have been diligently working on a major project that will enable us to provide an introduction to our unique advanced health care concepts education programs to many businesses, churches, clubs, and other groups of people throughout the Greenville area, and eventually in other areas of this state.   

We also plan to expand our unique health care improvement education program services in the future.  Our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, plans to train other health care concepts instructors, and they can then provide an introduction class about our special copyrighted advanced health care concepts education programs to business personnel and other groups in other areas of the state (Anderson, Columbia, Charleston, Rock Hill, Spartanburg, and eventually, many other cities and towns within South Carolina).  

At some point in the future, Lon may decide for ABC of Health to offer our advanced health care education programs to businesses and other groups in other states, but we will first substantially expand our education potential within the State of South Carolina. 


 Information About The Health Store That We Closed In April 2014 

We developed a new department at this Website to present information about the health and wellness store business that we closed on April 24, 2014.  Most of this information is still relevant because it can help visitors see and understand the extensive nature of the complementary and alternative healthcare services that we provided for the Greenville area for more than 14 years, and visitors can also learn helpful information about several brands of quality healthcare products.

This background information, combined with the information presented in our Consultation department, enables visitors to this Website to see the comprehensive magnitude of natural complementary and alternative healthcare product knowledge that Lon Willoughby acquired over a period of many years. 

He helped many customers with this special healthcare knowledge during the 14+ years that he owned and managed our health and wellness store in the Greenville area of South Carolina.  However, times have changed a lot over recent years due to the expansive and inclusive nature of the Internet information explosion.  Consequently, we modified our business focus to work with those advanced technological changes more effectively for the future.

Select (left click your mouse on) the department hyperlink Icon named Background Information - ABC's Health Store to review background information about the health store operation that we closed down on April 24, 2014. We can now focus most of our work time toward helping more people learn about our much needed advanced health care concepts home-study education programs.

The interesting information presented in this "Background" department can be helpful to many people regarding quality healthcare products.  Check it our; you may find this health care information beneficial to you.

Our new business plan will enable us to help a lot more people, and help them much more effectively (in more depth) than we could have ever helped by Lon spending all of his time weekly operating our health store facility (80 - 90 hours per week - as he did for 14+ years).  He would have not been able to finally develop our two home-study health care concepts education programs if he had continued to spend all of his time operating the health and wellness store.

Our Health Care Mission Statement 

We want to help people learn how to improve their health and wellness status - increase their energy level, their physical vitality and emotional strength - and help them learn how to improve their overall health in special ways that will increase their potential to avoid sickness and disease conditions.  

We strive to help people learn how to live a longer and more productive life with more enjoyment each day - with more success in their career or vocation and in their personal life relationships. 

Thousands of Americans die each day!

Take a moment to consider that we have thousands of Americans dying each day, and many of them, perhaps most of them are dying prematurely with various health problems.  Why is this happening to so many people at young ages?   

At ABC of Health, as stated previously, we have good reasons to believe that more than ten thousand Americans (10,000) are dying each week due to health conditions that could have been avoided easily ( prevented ) if those people had known and practiced in a responsible manner some of the unique copyrighted advanced health care concepts that Lon Willoughby has developed for our health care education programs.    

Think about this very important health care concept for a moment:  Experiencing a premature death, after suffering for weeks, months, or years, and usually at very high costs for conventional medical profession services, is a very heavy price to pay for simply not knowing how to take better care of one's precious health assets (body, brain, vital organs). 

We know there is a tremendous need for our advanced health care education programs, and we understand that practically all of the adults in South Carolina need our advanced health care concepts education programs.  ( millions of people! )

How many of those people could our company help if Lon Willoughby continued to spend all of his time and effort operating a very complex health and wellness facility in Mauldin, South Carolina?  Not nearly as many as we can help with our new business plan of focusing on the sales of our advanced health care concepts education programs.  

Also consider that our new business plan will not require that Lon continue working 70 - 90 hours per week, as he did before for 14+ years, while trying to help as many people as he possibly could at our Health and Wellness Facility.

Health Care Concepts Information For You

We have provided some of Lon's proprietary vital health care concepts information at our Websites, as an introduction to some of the healthcare concepts that everyone needs to think about daily.  This very valuable information is available to you for FREE  (when you use it according to our Terms and Conditions).  This free health care information can help you develop a better, more healthful lifestyle, starting today!  We suggest that you review our Vital Health Care Concepts department next.

Please understand that we have not presented most of Lon's very important vital health care concepts at our Websites because we cannot afford to give away most of our advanced health care concepts trade secrets. We will continue to present more of our very special proprietary vital health care concepts in our introductory health care education programs - which have reasonable fees for each level of our training programs.

You will find that the vital health care concepts that are presented FREE at our Websites are very important, and they can be worth a lot of money to most people - many thousands of dollars to almost everyone.  Our  advanced health care concepts are worth even more money for the millions of people who need this vital  life-changing health care information badly. 

As you will see, this is a health care educational Website:  It provides very valuable health care concepts information in ways that are easy to understand and easy to use in a personal way.  However, before we get into some of the vital health care information that is available at this Website for Free, we will provide some important information that may be helpful to first-time visitors of this Website

This information can enhance your use our Websites and make them easier to use, both now and in the future.  We suggest that you put our Websites in your favorites so they will be easy to return to, again and again, for your continued healthcare concepts education benefit.  We update the information in each department periodically, whenever we have new information that can be helpful to our visitors.   

Important Notes For Your Benefit 

 We have provided a convenient hyperlink (link) below that will enable you to quickly visit our introductory Website        ( ).  The Website that you are viewing now is our Main Healthcare Education Website - ). 

If you are visiting ABC of Health for the first time, we suggest that you select the hyperlink provided below and visit our smaller Introduction type Health Care Education Website before you spend much time at this larger Website.   

We designed these Websites to be most advantageous for first-time visitors when they review our smaller  Introduction type Website firstbefore visiting this larger Health Care Education Website ( It has additional  departments and present some information that is not presented at our introduction Website (see hyperlink below) 

(Our Introductory Website)

You can use your back button to quickly come back to this Website when you decide to return here. 

Additional Website Information

Both of our Websites contain very valuable vital health care concepts information that is Free for your personal use according to our Terms and Conditions  (healthcare and wellness information worth thousands of dollars), but we strongly recommend that people visit our smaller Website ( ) before spending much time at this larger Website ( ).  

Both of our Websites have one department that is very important for everyone.  At either Website, please take a few minutes to review the Vital Health Care Concepts department.  The health care concepts presented therein are so important that they can help you improve your health care actions and lifestyle on the day that you review this department, and then continue with those improvements daily for the rest of your life.   (you can start today!

We also have a newer Website is at the location shown below: 

It provide an explanation of our Basic Advanced Health Care Concepts Home-study Education Program for people with modest incomes.  We also have a more comprehensive advanced healthcare concepts training program that is explained briefly at this same Website, and explained in more detail at a special Website for that health care home-study education program - See:

This Deluxe Advanced Health Care Home-study Education Program is outstanding because it covers some really important subjects in substantial detail, as shown at the Website.  However, this program is somewhat more expensive than our Basic three phase health care concepts home-study education program.  Check it out and see how you like this education program.  You will likely be surprised at the really important subjects that we education our clients about.


We Have Health and Wellness Education Programs for:
  •  business owners, managers, executives and professionals

  •  some of their employees

  •  individuals, married couples, and groups (churches, clubs, and other organizations - civic, patriotic, veterans, etc.)

  • Our advanced health care concepts education programs can help people quickly learn how to improve their health and increase their energy, vitality, brain-power, work performance and production. Logically, this education should also enable reduced sickness and accidents (at work and at home, etc.) because people are learning how to be healthier each day. 
  •  Our unique health care education programs can also improve human relations skills and thereby improve the morale of employees (these improvements can increase company performance capabilities substantially in very important ways).  
  •  Lon Willoughby has developed advanced health care concepts that can help people protect and defend their health much better than available in any point in history prior to now, and our education programs enable people to also enjoy more energy and vitality, better thinking ability, and much improved attitudes about life.  Yes, a longer and much healthier lifespan is now possible for many people because Lon has learned how to help people strive for these very desirable goals in a convenient and sensible manner that is cost-effective.  
  • Lon knows how to teach advanced health care and wellness concepts that can help people quickly understand how to protect and defend their precious health, both physically and mentally.  He believes that most people can learn our advanced health care and wellness concepts because he knows how to teach these concepts in ways that are easy to understand and learn and remember.  Our home-study education program clients can learn how to apply these advanced health care concepts in a convenient and economical way to quickly develop a much healthier lifestyle. 
  • Visit our Health Care Concepts Education Programs department for more information about our advanced health care concepts education programs (selection links are conveniently located at the top and bottom of this department and also other departments of this Website). 

  • Consultation sessions - Health Care and Wellness Issues - Lon knows how to present life-changing information for individuals, married couples, or families.  A fast two hour consultation with Lon Willoughby can change your life for the better, each day, for the rest of your life (reasonable fees apply for this very valuable service).  Find more helpful information about this subject in our Consultations department. (click on the convenient Consultations Info link at the top or bottom of this department). 

One department at this Website is named Background Info - ABC's Health Store, and it presents a detailed listing of products that we routinely stocked in our health and wellness facility.  That listing of products is helpful information to health-conscious  people, and it shows that we were truly in the Health and Wellness business in a caring and comprehensive manner.  

We were a unique health and wellness facility - like no other health store in the upstate area of South Carolina.  People could visit our facility and check us out - we knew how to help people improve their lifestyle and their long-term health in unique ways that are trade secrets of our company.  Lon Willoughby has developed remarkable advanced health care concepts.   

Lon is the founder and president of our South Carolina Corporation, and he is a skilled health care consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy Lifestyle coach.  He knows how to help people improve and protect their precious health assets in practical and sensible ways that are also cost-effective (enables people to reduce living expenses more than our training costs).   

That is why he is still so healthy at his advanced age (born in June 1936) - Lon can do more pushups and situps now that he could do at age 20, and he was in very good shape at that age, having been an athlete in high school (baseball and football) and in college (on the track team).  He used to run the quarter mile race, the two-mile race, and the relay race ( 1/4 mile for each runner) at each track competition.  That is a lot of running with maximum performance effort - all in one afternoon!   

With many years of valuable health care experiences and a lot of healthcare training (in addition to relevant college level science courses - biology, chemistry, physics, engineering mathematics courses into calculus ), Lon has acquired exceptionally valuable health care knowledge that can help most people more than they can even imagine being possible for them. 

His very good health, his abundant energy and vitality, and his mental abilities at his advanced age are living proof that Lon has learned a lot about health, quality health care products, and holistic natural type health care concepts, energy and vitality, and growing old gracefully while maintaining a healthy body, and a healthy mind (with a steady flexible, reasonable, rational, and upbeat positive mental attitude each day).  Lon has learned that these are very important mental assets to develop and maintain daily if one wants to enjoy long-term health with abundant energy and vitality and also maintain good mental abilities as the years quickly go by. 



Education Type Products and Services 

As indicated previously, we are in the natural health care education business.  Lon's healthcare experiences with many people have shown that most people can be helped much more than they might think possible before they meet and talk with him - our very healthy Health Care Consultant, Nutrition Consultant, and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.  

His extensive health care experiences, training, and advanced level wellness knowledge can be worth a lot of money for a lot of people (many thousands of dollars for most people). This special healthcare knowledge can be life-changing for most people and probably life-saving information for many of them

Fortunately, Lon's exceptionally valuable health care consultation services are still reasonably priced.  However, he spends most of his work time today developing advanced healthcare training programs and presenting those programs to groups of people.  It is important for people to understand that our proprietary health care education programs are not available anywhere else in South Carolina.

Prior to closing our health and wellness facility on April 24, 2014, people could come in for a short visit in our unique Health and Wellness Center and see for themselves what our health care facility was like.  They could likely talk with Lon briefly and get a feel for some of the ways he can help people improve their health substantially.  

He knows how to help our consultation clients learn how to quickly reduce stress, anxiety, and/or depression, and improve energy production and vitality, sleep better, have better mental focus and functions and improve emotional control.  Lon knows how to help people begin performing better on the job with co-workers and management personnel and also perform better at home (with spouse, children, relatives and friends).  

Lon knows how to help people quickly understand how to develop more appreciation, patience, tolerance, and understanding with other people in an enlightened self-interest way.  People would likely be glad that they had visited with us and talked briefly with Lon Willoughby about their healthcare improvement concerns (for themselves or  other family members).

When people visited our Health and Wellness Center, they could see that we had selected several brands of quality health promoting nutrition supplement products and health promoting equipment products to ensure that our customers could have convenient access to these important products at fair competitive prices.

Our unique Health and Wellness Facility enabled people in the local area to purchase quality health promoting products from a local company that operated in a competent, reliable, and responsible manner.  This business was owned and managed by a local person that truly cared about the health and long-term well being and happiness of our customers.



Many People in South Carolina (millions)

Need To Learn About Our Advanced Health Care Concepts 

Consider this very important question:  Do you believe that you already know about all you need to know about a healthy lifestyle and our vital healthcare concepts - what Lon calls the ABCs of Health? 

Prior to closing our health and wellness facility on April 24, 2014, people could visit our facility and take our one-page questionnaire test about our very important advanced healthcare concepts.   This very important questionnaire enabled people to quickly evaluate their understanding of several very important healthcare concepts issues (that Lon believes everyone needs to understand to get through each day in an intelligent enlightened manner).  Most people were surprised to see how little they understood  about these very important healthcare concepts.  

Most nurses that took this test were surprised to learn that they could not answer properly several of the important questions.  Consequently, if highly trained and experienced nurses did not know the correct answers to very important healthcare concepts questions, how well do you think other people probably did with our one-page questionnaire test?  

Your right, most people did not understand very important healthcare concepts that Lon believes all adult (and teenagers) need to understand and utilize daily if they are going to have a reasonable and sensible opportunity to protect their natural healthcare assets daily.  They need to understand these very important healthcare concepts if they want to intelligently maintain good health into their golden years (old age).  Without this core fundamental ABC's of Health knowledge, they will likely be doomed to a life with diminishing health and disease conditions as the years go by, just like most elderly people in America. 

Unfortunately, this is the life that most Americans currently have, and Lon understands that this is probably the major reason that the health of most Americans is so badly deficient in their older years.  There are more than twenty (20) countries on Planet Earth whose people in general are in better health at older ages than the health of Americans at those same ages.  

People are now suffering severe heart disease conditions, including serious strokes in their 40's, 50's and 60's.  The statistics get much worse in the ages of 70's and 80's and beyond.  Cancer conditions are affecting about a million Americans each year, and cancer conditions are killing more than 500,000 Americans each year (on average). 

Diabetes affects the lives of over 20 million Americans currently, and that number is increasing rapidly.  Now consider the family members that are also involved in these serious health conditions (spouses, daughters, sons, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, etc.), and we can easily see that many millions of Americans are also victims of these serious disease conditions.  Then consider the costs involved with these healthcare conditions - many billions of dollars of cost each year. 

Reminder: One billion is equal to 1,000 millions = 1,000,000,0000.   One trillion = 1,000 billion = 1,000,000,000,000

Lon Willoughby has studied healthcare issues over a period of about 40 years, and he has studied natural holistic healthcare concepts intently during the past 20+ years.  He was striving to discover what healthcare conditions are very important to help people greatly improve their potential to maintain their natural good health for many more years. 

Lon was also striving to learn the major deficiencies in Americans' healthcare related actions that can cause people to  more likely develop the most common disease conditions (cardiovascular problems, strokes, cancer conditions, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer's, major bone problems, major problems with the digestion of food, allergies, etc.

Although his many years of study were very expensive for Lon and his wife Janie, he is now confident  that it was worth the high costs they paid (more than 1.6 million dollars) because he was successful with his healthcare research and studies.  Lon now understands clearly why life in America can be much healthier that it usually is for most people in their "golden years."  

Lon's greatly improved lifestyle provides convincing living proof that the advanced healthcare concepts that he gradually developed during the past twenty plus years (20+) really work well to help one maintain good health and avoid disease conditions that are very common in America.  Lon currently has the vital health statistics of a much younger man - he is not the typical 78 year old man.  

 It is very important to understand that Lon Willoughby gradually learned his advanced healthcare concepts slowly over a period of about 40 years, so he did not have the great advantage of knowing all of this advanced healthcare concepts from age 40, or age 50, or even age 65.  Some of the most important healthcare concepts that Lon discovered came to him after he was 72 years old. 

If he had known all of these advanced healthcare concepts at age 40 or 50, he would likely be substantially healthier than he currently is.  However, the people that Lon teaches today have the opportunity to gain some of his most important healthcare concepts in a short period of time.  They can get a big jump on his own healthcare status. 

Lon knows how to help people learn how to spend their healthcare money much more wisely, and he was able to help some of our health store customers a lot.  He could help them improve their vital healthcare concepts knowledge so they could begin to improve their lifestyle substantially.   Customers that took advantage of that newfound healthcare knowledge could begin enjoying much better health results and enjoy those benefits faster and more effectively than ever before. 

Yes, this was the smart way for our health store customers to learn some of our vital healthcare concepts that could affect their health substantially each day for the rest of their life.  However, those days are gone forever.  We have changed the way we do business because most of our health store customers were too busy to be willing to take advantage of the healthcare classroom training that we offered them.  They simply could not make the time available to attend one of our introductory classes (one hour long), even during our first year of business in our Mauldin location when we offered those classes for FREE for an entire year. 

Several of the people that Lon knew in the Mauldin area have already died (cancer, or cardiovascular problems).  Another lady has had serious cancer surgery, and one man had a blood clot that left him paralyzed from the neck down - a terrible situation for anyone to have to cope with for the rest of their life.  None of those people took advantage of the very valuable classroom training that we offered for Free during 2010.  

 Don't Be Careless and Foolish With Your Precious Health Assets

Be smart and wise - spend some time reviewing the very valuable healthcare information we provide at this Website (see especially our Vital Healthcare Concepts department).  Lon Willoughby knows how to help people learn how to get on the fast track to better health and wellness with more energy and vitality and be enabled to enjoy each day much more - with less stress, less anxiety, less depression, and much more happiness and satisfaction from life. 

Important Warning:  Please, do not be penny-wise and pound foolish with your long-term health, as many people do for too many years.  Be generous with your healthcare actions and programs because your health is your most valued possession in this life.  Take care of it wisely on a daily basis and it will pay you back big time with a better and longer life. 

You can learn about some of the vital healthcare concepts educational services that we offer by reviewing the very important information that we provide at our Websites. Review especially the very important and very valuable healthcare information that is available to you for Free at our Vital Healthcare Concepts department (at this Website and at

Taking the educated healthcare actions that we recommend is much more important and much smarter than trying to save a few dollars with trial and error guesswork decisions about important healthcare issues that can go on for many years, and may get much worse over time (and then be much more difficult and much more expensive to correct).  Review the information that follows and see what kind of healthcare education company we have become.


 ABC of Health is a Holistic Type

Health and Wellness Company

(We Can Provide Unique Healthcare Education Programs)

We take the whole body into consideration, not just specific parts of the body that may have poor performance.  We understand that the human body operates as a very complex unit - individual sections of he body are not totally independent of other functional processes within the body.  The health of the bowels or liver or kidneys or the thyroid gland or the adrenal glands, or other body processes, can have substantial effects on other parts of the body.  A person's mental attitude can have dramatic effects on the way the body systems function over time.

Lon Willoughby understands the inter-relationships of vital health concepts, and he truly cares about each customer and their current and long-term health status.  He also understands and respects the unique individuality and complexity of people (different genetic makeups and different home environments and educational training conditions).  Our goal is to be helpful to each customer and treat them as members of our extended family.

Definitions from New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language

holistic - adjective - of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole

holistic medicine noun treatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease

 Primary Objective of This Home Department

The information presented in this department is an overview of the very important health and wellness promoting services that we currently offer people in the upstate area of South Carolina.  Our healthcare services focus primarily on providing our advanced healthcare concepts training programs to local businesses and their employees - and other groups of people.    

We suggest that you scroll down through this HOME department to quickly see some of the ways that our special health and wellness education programs can be beneficial to you and your family members, and probably beneficial to some of your friends and business associates (we suggest that you refer them to our Websites).

After you slowly scan the entire HOME department, you can then go back and review the subject sections that are most interesting to you at this time.  We suggest that you bookmark (put in your favorites) this very valuable Website to make it easy and convenient to make return visits to this Website - again and again, as you review the special healthcare information presented throughout this Website. You will then be able to quickly review important healthcare concepts that are presented in other departments of this Website - whenever it is most convenient for you to do so.

The About ABC department provides interesting background information about our company, along with important information about our healthcare consultant's background and relevant experiences (Lon).  This department also explains some important life experiences that strongly motivated Lon to spend many years learning about holistic type healthcare concepts. That exceptionally valuable healthcare knowledge enabled Lon to gradually improve his seriously deteriorated body in remarkable ways after he was 60 years of age.

The exceptionally valuable holistic type health and wellness knowledge that Lon acquired might be very beneficial to you, or someone in your family, or someone in your circle of friends and business associates. You may therefore find it beneficial and interesting to review the healthcare information presented in the ABOUT ABC department - after you complete your review of the very important healthcare information in other departments as suggested previously. 


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Selection Links for our Website departments are located at the top and bottom of each page to provide easy navigation between departments. This information is also formatted for easy printing of the pages. We provide a lot of very valuable healthcare information that can help you improve your lifestyle and begin enjoying better health. We know how to help customers understand the ABC's of Health, and we strive to help people become healthier so they can enjoy having more energy and vitality and also avoid many serious health conditions (diseases).

We suggest that you read the information presented in this Home department and then review the Vital Healthcare Concepts department before you make a brief tour of the other departments to find additional health and wellness concepts that can be helpful to you.

NOTE:  We have a Lifestyle department and a Nutrition department, and some other departments that contain special healthcare information that is not available to the general public.  The very valuable information in those additional departments are available to people at appropriate times when they are completing our Level Two and then Level Three advanced healthcare concepts training programs.  At  the completion of our Level Two training program, one is eligible to become a member of our Health and Wellness Club.  

Visitors to our Websites are not allowed entry into our restricted access departments; however, we have provided a lot of important healthcare information at this Website that is readily available to our visitors.  See especially our Vital Healthcare Concepts department that is referenced above.

We hope you appreciate and enjoy the valuable healthcare information that we have provided to help you understand that you now have a special opportunity to apply for our Level One home-study healthcare training program.  It can quickly and easily teach you some very important advanced healthcare concepts that can likely enable you to begin taking much better care of your precious health assets (your physical health and your mental and emotional health).  Learn more about this training by visiting our newest Website at:

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Lon Willoughby has studied holistic type healthcare issues for many years, and he has learned how to make major improvements in conventional healthcare that are revolutionary.  He has learned how to help people enjoy much better health, and accomplish this goal in a shorter period of time, than conventional healthcare actions are likely to produce. Our proprietary advanced healthcare and wellness vital concepts can even work for some people who have very poor health, and can help some people who are close to death if they still have a desire to live.  It is very difficult to help people improve their health substantially when they have a desire to die ( a death wish).

Lon knows how to use advanced healthcare and wellness concepts and special health promoting products to help people improve their health and vitality quickly, in a practical and sensible manner that is also cost-effective.  He realizes that this is a major breakthrough in understanding how to improve and protect health. 

We can now teach these advanced healthcare and wellness concepts in our classroom to help many people learn how to benefit from this exceptionally valuable healthcare knowledge.  Our classroom has comfortable padded chairs, and we have tables that can provide spacious writing surfaces for each person - can seat 30+ people with tables or seat 50 people when we do not use the tables. 

The information presented in our Healthcare Concepts Training Programs department can help you understand why we can help many people make major improvements in their overall health, energy level, vitality, and brain power while they are also reducing substantially their potential for serious disease conditions.  Our healthcare improvement training programs can also help people substantially improve their longevity potential - the potential to live a longer and healthier life. These exceptionally important health improvements can now be achieved by many people in a practical, sensible, and cost-effective manner. (saves more money than the training programs cost) 

Lon believes that most people can be trained to understand our advanced healthcare and wellness concepts, and he teaches these advanced healthcare concepts in ways that are easy for people to understand and quickly learn at each progressive level of training. 

 Health and Wellness Education Opportunity

Major Breakthrough in Healthcare Concepts

Our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training Programs can help people achieve more reliable long-term health and and wellness.  This exceptionally valuable training can help people enjoy more happiness, satisfaction, and success in their vocation and in their personal life (with family members and friends).

Proper use of our proprietary "advanced healthcare and wellness concepts" can help many people enable their body to function much better because the health of billions of body cells can be improved each day.  It is important to realize that these benefits will accumulate daily into the future so substantial improvements can be achieved over time.

Our healthcare and wellness training programs can help people improve the functions of their immune system, improve pH balance of body fluids, and improve lymphatic system functions and liver functions, kidney functions, adrenal functions, thyroid functions, and improve mental attitudes and thereby enhance some important hormone functions.

Participants can also learn how to improve their intestinal system's complex functions (food digestion and nutrient assimilation), probiotics enhancement, and timely food residue elimination.  We can help people understand how to improve essential hydration and oxygenation of body cells, improve cell health throughout the body, and then enjoy better overall health and wellness with increased energy, stamina, and vitality.

We understand that improved body functions can enable very important health improvements, including improved brain functions (emotional control, creativity, learning ability, memory, recall of stored information, etc.).  Our health store operation carefully selected and stocked special nutrition supplements that could help improve body functions and enable major health improvements, such as the following:

      1)  improving immune system functions can enable the body to cope much more effectively with many types of health problems, harmful microbe infections, disease conditions, and help prevent other diseases and infections from occurring,

      2)  enabling trillions of body cells to produce more energy and vitality - slow down the aging process,

      3)  enjoy more brain power each day - more mental energy, learning ability, memory, and recall ability.

Special nutritional products combined with the vital healthcare concepts presented in our training programs can help customers improve their mental strength and emotional stability. They can then cope more effectively and more enjoyably with the challenges and responsibilities of each new day. 

This exceptionally valuable healthcare improvement training can help customers develop more ability for appreciation, congeniality, empathy, patience, understanding and tolerance toward other people. These improvements can greatly improve human relationship skills and marital harmony, and these changes can dramatically reduce life stresses on a daily basis for the rest of one's life,

Our training programs can enable customers to substantially improve their lifestyle, with major improvements in body functions and major reductions in stress levels.  Improved exercise routines and special nutrition supplements can add additional healthcare benefits. 

These remarkable healthcare improvements can gradually work in synergy (together) to help people effectively reduce their potential for the pain, suffering, and the very high costs that is often associated with some of the serious disease conditions that are afflicting millions of American each year.  

We know how to teach advanced healthcare concepts that can help our clients accomplish the practical and sensible health improvements listed above.  How much would our "fountain of youth" advanced healthcare concepts be worth to you?

Is it worth spending some more time in this department to see how we might be able to help you protect your precious health assets, and see how we can help you learn how to extend your longevity potential?

Would you like to know what you can do to help ensure that you will likely live an additional two years, or five years, or maybe even ten years, or more - and do so in better health than you would likely have if you did not learn some of our incredibly valuable advanced healthy lifestyle concepts?

How can you obtain this "fountain of youth healthcare knowledge?  See the information below. 

 Healthcare Training Programs - Brief Introduction

(Detailed Information is in our Healthcare Concepts Training Programs Department)

We have developed vital healthcare and wellness concepts that can help people protect and defend their health much better than ever before in mankind's history, and also enjoy more energy and vitality. Yes, a longer and healthier lifespan is now possible for many people because Lon Willoughby learned how to help people effectively strive for this very desirable goal in a convenient, sensible and practical manner that is also cost-effective.

Through his efforts, our instructor personnel know how to teach vital healthcare and wellness concepts that can help people quickly understand how to protect and defend their precious health, both physically and mentally.  Yes, most people can learn our advanced vital healthcare and wellness concepts because we know how to make Lon's advanced healthcare concepts easy to understand and learn.  Our clients can learn how to apply these advanced health concepts in a convenient and economical healthy lifestyle.  

As you can easily see, ABC of Health has important health and wellness promoting products and services that can make a real difference in the way people feel and perform each day. After our customers learn how to take much better care of their precious health, they can enjoy substantial health benefits each day for the rest of their life. Our healthcare consultantnutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach, Lon Willoughby, has a very good understanding of the "ABCs of Health" and he knows how to help other people learn his ABCs of Health (Lon's advanced vital healthcare and wellness concepts that can greatly improve long-term health and longevity for many people).

Visit our Healthcare Concepts Training Programs department to learn more about our programs. 

Over the past years, our personnel have helped many customers understand how to take better care of their health, a few minutes at a time, when they visited our health store.  However, Lon realized that people needed more healthcare training than can be accomplished in a few minutes during a quick visit to our store.

He understood that many people could substantially improve their health and longevity potential if they could get proper training about the holistic type healthcare concepts that he learned during the past 38+ years. Lon saw the great need for a holistic type healthcare education program that could help many people in a more comprehensive manner - one that would be easy to learn, cost effective, and practical to use.

During 2010, Lon was busy developing our new health and wellness facility in Mauldin, South Carolina so we could teach our proprietary vital healthcare and wellness concepts in our new classroom (could seat 30 people with tables for desk).  He helped us move our health store business to Mauldin because he found a suitable vacant facility that could provide more room for our health store operation and also provide the space needed for a Healthcare and Wellness Education Training Center.

In addition to getting our new expanded health store operating efficiently, our employees helped Lon with his work in developing course outlines, class room teaching materials, and Power Point presentations. All of this work has been necessary to develop the advanced healthcare concepts education programs that Lon envisioned for ABC of Health - he wanted us to help educate as many people as possible about these vital healthcare concepts in our convenient classroom.  

That was the compelling challenge that motivated Lon to spend a lot of time and a lot of money for the gradual and continuing development of our advanced healthcare concepts education programs.  It has taken many years of learning and training and several hundred thousand dollars of operational expenses for ABC of Health to get to our current level of achievement with this major break-through in this healthcare and wellness education project. 

 Vital Health and Wellness Information 

ABC's Progressive Improvements

Our Advanced Healthcare and Wellness Education Programs for the public may be the first advanced healthcare education program of this type available in America.  Our advanced healthcare concepts training programs were designed to enable a lot of people to quickly increase their healthcare knowledge in vital areas such as: daily attitude control and management; pH balance of body fluids; food combining principles; improving digestion of foods; importance of enzymes, types of enzymes, how to use enzymes effectively; better body cell hydration, much improved oxygenation of body cells, and much improved nutrition for body cells.

We could also help people understand how to have better and safer air quality at home; cleaner, safer water for drinking and bathing; how to improve immune system functions (help the body fight and destroy various infections and disease conditions throughout the body). special exercise concepts; and special weight loss and weight management techniques.

The advanced healthcare concepts presented in our Healthcare and Wellness Education Programs can enable people to get on the fast-track to much better healthcare knowledge.  Our training programs can provide a practical opportunity for many people to quickly learn how to improve their lifestyle to minimize the potential for disease conditions while they begin enjoying better health with more energy, vitality, and brain power.  Our training programs can also teach people how to increase their potential to minimize diseases and live longer, healthier, more productive and more successful lives - with a lot more satisfaction.

Lon knows how to teach these complex healthcare subjects in an easy to understand way that is enjoyable to learn, and he knows how to present these exceptionally valuable healthcare concepts to ordinary people, as well as technically-minded and trained professionals (accountants, chemist, chiropractors, engineers, nurses, physicist, school teachers, etc.).

Our Healthcare and Wellness Education Programs are currently available only to residents of South Carolina, primarily those people living within the upstate area.  However, we plan to expand our exceptionally important healthcare concepts education programs into other metropolitan areas of South Carolina as soon as possible. 

 Additional information is presented in our Healthcare Concept Training Programs department.


Coping With Serious Microbial Infections

Our health store stocked several products that could help the body's immune system deactivate infections by harmful (pathogenic) microbes - Allibiotics by NOWBeta Glucan by Transfer PointGraviola and N-Tense by RaintreeOlive Leaf Extract by Enzyme Process, and some other important immune system enhancers.  

Our healthcare and wellness consultant, Lon Willoughby, has acquired special knowledge about immune system boosting and enhancement products and also infection fighting products.  He knows how to help people learn practical ways to protect themselves, and other members of their family, from serious pathogenic microbe infections.  

Our Colloidal Silver department  contains very important information about how one special brand of colloidal silver is clearly superior to other popular brands and it may in fact be useful in saving your life, or the lives of your family members, during serious microbe infections.  Currently, this is one of our restricted access departments (it is not available to the general public).

Lon understands which special immune system boosting products to use, and how to use them, for quickly deactivating various types of pathogenic (harmful) bacteria and viruses in a human body.  Will these special products also quickly deactivate the Ebola virus?  Lon has not had any experience with people infected with this particular virus, so we do not know for sure at this point in time how effective these special products may work in deactivating the Ebola virus.  

 Motivational Information for You 

 Very Important Health Concepts

You may not have time today to review most of the valuable healthcare information that is available to you at this large Website, but you can bookmark this site and then visit it often until you have reviewed all of the valuable healthcare concepts that are presented in each department of this site. Think about this for a moment - if you cannot make time in your busy lifestyle soon to learn these exceptionally valuable healthcare concepts, when will you have time to complete this exceptionally beneficial project?

Think about the millions of people who are sick with serious health conditions, suffering day and night in a hospital, or a nursing home, or in a terminal hospice facility. The healthcare concepts presented herein could have been very helpful to those people if they had learned them and used them for several years - could have avoided some of their "diseases."

QUESTION: Would they have wisely taken time to learn the vital healthcare concepts presented in this special Website if someone had lovingly encouraged them to visit this site?

We can also help people understand how to enhance their immune system, improve the colonization of beneficial flora within the intestines; reduce incidences of constipation, sluggish bowels, or loose bowels; enhance rest and sleep; quickly deactivate many pathogenic microbes within the body such as harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, yeast, parasites, etc, along with other important healthcare issues. 

 Consider This Important Information Carefully

Health Conditions That May Be Affecting You Silently 

 Sickness and Disease in America

As you may know, cardiovascular disease conditions kill more than 600,000 Americans annually - this is about 29% of all deaths per year (for all ages groups). Cancer conditions cause about 575,000 deaths in America annually - about 28% of all American deaths each year. (29% + 28% = 57% of all deaths - all ages) Unfortunately, as you can see from these statistical averages, your potential for being afflicted with one or both of these very serious health conditions is quite high, and it gets progressively higher as you age, year by year.

In ages 50 years and older, cardiovascular disease conditions (heart attacks and strokes) kill about 40% of all Americans that die. In addition to those deaths, various types of cancer conditions kill another 38% of American death each year (50 years of age and older).  Also, think about the many hundreds of thousands of Americans who are suffering with cancer conditions and waiting to die at some point in the future from those painful conditions.

What can you do to reduce your potential for having to cope with these two massive killers, and other very serious disease conditions, for yourself and/or members of your family?

More than two million Americans die each year because they are too unhealthy for their body to continue living. This amounts to more than 180,000 people dying monthly. In general, people die when their body systems cannot perform well enough to overcome malfunctions and/or disease conditions. As you ,probably know, some of these conditions cause serious sickness, and a lot of pain, and extended suffering for months or years before death finally occurs.

Diabetes:  More than twenty-two million Americans are diabetic and an estimated forty million people are pre-diabetic. Diabetes is a very serious glucose metabolism problem, and there are important actions that diabetics can take to minimize some of the problems associated with this very serious health condition.  

A recent study of this disease, commissioned by the American Diabetes Association, evaluated the cost of healthcare for diabetics and the work-related costs involved with diabetics.  The report showed that the cost of diabetes in the United States is about 245 billion dollars annually.  That is 245,000,000,000 dollars! - for this one disease condition.  (The cost for cancer and cardiovascular disease conditions is much higher.)

Unfortunately, the diabetes condition appears to be growing rapidly in America.  However, Lon understands that if one has sufficient healthcare knowledge, it is not difficult or expensive to take sensible healthcare actions that can greatly reduce the potential for having to cope with the more serious aspects of diabetes.  

Hypoglycemia:   This is also a glucose metabolism problem that is widespread in America.  We may have ten or more million Americans that have difficulty with this health condition (maybe as many as 30 to 50 million people). This is a condition that Lon is very familiar with because he has been coping with the complex and confusing symptoms of hypoglycemia for more than 50 years.  He has purchased and read 13 books on this subject, and he is a competent educator about this condition.  Because coping with this condition is somewhat similar to coping with diabetes, regarding the foods that can be eaten, etc., Lon can also help diabetics understand how to adjust their lifestyle to cope more effectively with diabetes.  

Obesity:  Even more people have serious problems with excessive weight.  Obesity is an undesirable health condition that can enable even more serious health conditions to develop - can become diabetic, hypoglycemic, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, cancer conditions, etc.  Consequently, one should not take this condition lightly - it can help contribute to some very serious health conditions.  

Students Health deficiencies (physical and mental):  can affect the learning ability of many students of all ages, including college students, and other young adults. Health problems can accumulate and may become much worse as these people age throughout their lifetime.  Lon Willoughby understands that excessive sugar consumption can be a major contributing factor to several health problems for these young people. 

Children:  Many children in America are being afflicted with excessive weight at an early age, and many children are developing diabetes, or hypoglycemia, in much larger numbers and percentages than 20 - 30 years ago. Most people probably realize that many children in America consume way too much sugar from various sources.  They may not understand that too much sugar for children or adults can contribute to some serious health problems.

 Loss of Productivity in the Work Place

American companies and state and federal agencies are losing a lot of employee productivity due to sickness of employees - time off for sickness and also reduced productivity on the job when sick employees are at work trying to perform their job duties. Some major corporations have already gone bankrupt, and others are on the verge of bankruptcy, due in substantial part to excessive expenses for employee healthcare costs and lost productivity of employees due to their health problems. This is a very serious challenge for many employers, in the private and the public sectors of our economy.

QUESTIONS: What is causing so many health problems for Americans? Can our citizens learn how to take better care of their precious health, or are they doomed to the very high rate of sickness and disease conditions that confront so many people today? Lon is confident that most Americans are capable of learning how to take much better care of their health and thereby avoid most common sickness and disease conditions - as he learned how to do for himself and his family members.

This is the real central issue about reducing the massive costs of healthcare services in America - a situation that is literally bankrupting America. America's healthcare expenses are causing us to be less competitive in our international trade with foreign countries who have less sickness and disease with their workers and who also pay lower wages to their workers. That is a very difficult situation for us to compete with, especially when America is one of the sickest of the "advanced" countries on planet Earth. 

Lon understands that Americans need a better opportunity to learn how to take much better care of their precious health before they lose a lot of it.  He has developed advanced healthcare concepts that can be taught easily and effectively to enable most people to substantially improve their lifestyles and thereby greatly reduce the potential for pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and the excessive costs involved with sickness.  It is clear that enhanced health can enable our people to improve their productivity with all of their daily duties and tasks. 

We need to teach Americans how to be better managers of their precious health assets (body, mind, and emotional control).  This is the essential program for dramatically reducing healthcare costs for most people in America.  Do you agree with us about this vital healthcare issue?

The graveyards across America probably contain many people who did not know how to be a good manager of their health. Unfortunately, most of them did not have the excellent healthcare training opportunity that is now before you. They did not know about this exceptionally important Website, and they probably did not have access to a comprehensive health and wellness store like our unique facility.

Hopefully you understand that healthcare education is exceptionally important for long-term health. Millions of Americans are suffering with serious health conditions that could have been avoided or minimized easily and economically if these people had learned how to use the vital healthcare concepts that we teach in our Healthcare and Wellness Classes.

As you may know, thousands of vehicle accidents occur monthly in America, and Lon understands that a lot of those accidents probably occurred due to insufficient healthcare knowledge by the drivers who caused the accidents. Thousands of people are being seriously injured or killed each month in vehicle accidents that could have been avoided easily if the drivers had learned how to use our advanced health concepts.

Inadequate healthcare knowledge can easily cause people to eat and drink improperly and that can have a direct affect on blood glucose levels that will then affect the way people think (or don't think properly), Blood glucose levels can substantially affect people's emotions (anger, impatience, road rage, excessive speed, foggy thinking, going to sleep while driving, etc.). These conditions can cause drivers to have impaired thinking and slow reaction times when making critical decisions about driving their vehicle.

Do most drivers understand these exceptionally important healthcare concepts? Do they also understand the nutrition concepts actions that they should take to avoid or minimize improper and unstable glucose conditions in their blood distribution system? The roads and highways in America would be a lot safer if all drivers had just a few minutes of training regarding these vital healthcare concepts.

Lon understands that many of the people in jails and prisons in America made faulty decisions (about their criminal behavior - that resulted in incarceration) due to having inadequate knowledge about the vital healthcare concepts that Lon has developed. Many of those conditions, and many marital difficulties, and many work related difficulties between employees, or with the boss or supervisor, are caused by improper diets (the food and beverages consumed) that cause blood glucose instability problems.

Many accidents on the job and off the job (of various types) are also caused by these same diet deficiencies. Consequently, it is clear that advanced healthcare knowledge is incredibly important. Unfortunately, most people have no convenient way to acquire this essential knowledge in a practical and affordable manner.

At ABC of Health, we see these very serious "poor health conditions" all around us, and they present a big  challenge for us as a Healthcare Products and Services company. What can we do to help many people learn how to be healthier (physically and mentally) and thereby become much safer drivers?

ANSWER: We have very good news for you about this critically important healthcare subject.  Our healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle consultant, Lon Willoughby, began learning about holistic healthcare issues when he was 34 years old, and he has continued that study at every opportunity since that time (1970) - more than 40 years ago.  Over the years, he learned a lot about optimizing human health. 

That growing body of holistic type healthcare knowledge enabled Lon to develop vital healthcare concepts that can be used to help people improve their health substantially. This special knowledge can be taught in classrooms to enable many people to understand how they can substantially reduce their potential for sickness and disease and also increase their mental and physical abilities simultaneously.  As shown previously herein, this exceptionally valuable training can enable people to greatly improve their ability to get along harmoniously with other people (at home and at work and on the highways across America). 

As you can see from the healthcare information presented at this Website, ABC of Health was an independent Health and Wellness Center that had a lot of special health-promoting products and several unique healthcare education services.   Our company strived daily to help customers to take much better care of their mental and physical health and also substantially slow down the typical aging process.

This special healthcare knowledge is worth more than any amount of money!  People that have developed very poor health and have a lot of pain and suffering can easily understand this vital healthcare concept. Good health is much more important than money.  Please keep this very important healthcare concept in mind when you are thinking about taking shortcuts with your health. 

Is it really possible for people to accomplish these very desirable health improvements in a sensible, practical, and cost-effective manner? YES IT IS!

We understand that many people can reasonably strive to achieve these exceptionally important health benefits if they learn how to use some of the advanced health concepts that we can share with them. We developed our Healthcare and Wellness Training School to enable us to help many people learn how to use these very important vital healthcare concepts.

Sickness and disease is a very serious subject - in addition to the tremendous pain, suffering, and emotional trauma involved, it costs hundreds of billions of US dollars each year. This is not a subject to play games with, or to casually ignore, or to treat lightly in an irresponsible manner, as if there is not much one can do that will make a lot of difference in long-term health. 

 Accidents and Human Relations Difficulties are

Often Caused by Improper Diet (food and beverages)


Healthcare Products Business


Healthcare Education Business

We were formerly active in thhealthcare products sales business because Lon Willoughby understood that there were important healthcare type products that people could use to substantially reduce their potential for sickness and disease.  We specialized in stocking quality healthcare type products that could make a real difference in improving health conditions.

We were also in the healthcare education business because Lon understood that appropriate health-promoting products (nutrition supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, intestinal system cleanses, detoxification protocols, special exercise equipment, etc.) can be much more effective in improving health when the customer has also learned how to use special healthcare concepts that are very helpful in optimizing human health.

Appropriate healthcare education and improved lifestyle and diet (food & beverages, cooking methods, etc.) with some quality health-producing nutrition supplements can provide a practical and very sensible formula for health improvements. This sensible combination of healthcare actions produces a powerful teamwork protocol that can make a big difference in reducing a person's potential for having problems with sickness and disease conditions.

We are still very active in the healthcare education business because Lon Willoughby is confident that most people can learn how to be much healthier, and reduce their potential for sickness and diseases substantially, and thereby increase their longevity potential. However, Lon understands that people need some special healthcare training to enable them to learn how to quickly move forward toward these very important healthcare objectives in a cost-efficient manner.

Trial and error experimenting is not a cost-efficient process for complex health issuesIt will cost much more money and probably waste precious years of time and still fail to achieve the health improvement results that could have been achieved much quicker and much less expensively with appropriate special healthcare training.   That is what we now focus all of our work attention and efforts toward - providing the special healthcare training that is so badly needed to improve healthcare standards in America.  Our founder and president, Lon Willoughby, has spent many years, and thousands of hours, in acquiring extensive holistic-type healthcare knowledge that can help people improve their health in remarkable ways.  

As a very competent healthcare consultant, Lon knows how to help many people achieve exceptionally valuable health improvements and also minimize their potential for some serious disease conditions that are common in America.  We offer special healthcare knowledge  that is exceptionally important - it can enable a person to take charge of their health and have much more control over their life. Our training can easily be worth many thousands of dollars to a family - during their lifetimes.

The essential question for consideration at this point is this: What are you going to do with this exceptionally valuable opportunity to learn how to take much better care of your precious health?

The vital healthcare information presented in this Home department can help motivate you to want to learn how to avoid distressing, painful, expensive, frustrating, or disastrous healthcare situations. This Website is an excellent place for you to visit several times on your journey to obtain advanced healthcare and wellness knowledge. 

When Should You Get Serious About Improving 

Your Healthcare Knowledge?

Please consider that procrastination about your health is not in your best interest. It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. You have already started this very important healthcare and wellness knowledge journey by reading down to this point.  Spend some more time in this HOME department with the information presented below, and firmly determine to make a very good start on this incredibly important journey today.  

The healthcare concepts presented in the various departments of this large Website can help you take charge of your health in a more responsible manner, and your sincere dedicated efforts in this regard can enable you to learn how to protect your health better than ever before.

Lon knows how to help you become a much better  MANAGER  of your precious health assets; he understands that you are worth millions of dollars.  Most people probably need to become a better manager of their amazingly complex body and mind.  It is really quite easy to get started with this very important project so let's continue learning about the exciting healthcare information  that is available to you Free at this Website. 

You can begin to enjoy life more with increased energy, vitality, and brain power (more effective mental abilities) simply by learning and applying some of the vital healthcare concepts that we can share with you. You can have a higher level of productivity and success with all of your activities, duties, and responsibilities by applying some of our vital healthcare concepts in your lifestyle. 


Healthcare Information That

You Can Begin Using Today

This is a very important Website because it provides advanced healthcare concepts that can help you begin to take more control of your health and help you improve your lifestyle in several important ways. Most of the health concepts presented herein are proprietary copyrighted trade secrets of ABC's of Health, Inc., our parent company - may be shown herein as ABC or ABC of Health - our simplified doing business as (dba) name.  We were previously  doing business as ABC's of Health & Justice but Lon eventually learned that the apostrophe and the "& symbol" in our name caused serious tracking problems for some of the Internet search engines (browsers).  He therefore changed our dba name to simply ABC of Health to eliminate those difficulties for numerous search engines and make the name easier to remember.

You are not likely to find most of these vital healthcare concepts presented at any other Website, especially in the easy to understand and learn format that we provide herein. You may use this very valuable copyrighted health information to improve your personal lifestyle and that of your spouse and minor children. However, you may not teach, or help anyone else teach, our copyrighted vital healthcare concepts information to other people.  We are not training you to become a competitor of our business and you are strictly prohibited from using any of our proprietary healthcare concepts to compete with us.

You may not use any information contained in this Website to provide any form of competition for our Healthcare Education Business or our unique advanced healthcare education programs.  

You may not use any of our Website information in any commercial manner whatsoever without our specific written authorization. You are also prohibited from trying to "share" any of this proprietary healthcare concepts information with other people, including other healthcare practitioners.

If you want to be considerate and generous with other people about this exceptionally valuable healthcare information, you can accomplish this legally and responsibly by simply giving them our Website address and encourage them to visit our Website (

With that information, they can then review that entire Website, at times convenient to them, according to their interest in the vital healthcare concepts presented at our Websites.  They can also evaluate this information for themselves and then pick and choose which parts of these very valuable healthcare concepts they want to use to improve their lifestyle in a responsible manner.

Please remember that the Nutrition department of this Website has restricted access it is user name and password protected, as explained previously in this department . This exceptionally valuable healthcare information is only available to people who have purchased our Level Two Healthcare Training Program.  

The ABOUT ABC department explains some of the special features of our unique healthcare education business.  We have also included some very important healthcare concepts information in the ABOUT ABC department for your additional benefit.   We strongly encourage you to review all of the information contained in the ABOUT ABC department (contains information that may provide important lifetime-long benefits to you).  

 Special Healthcare Services 

For Our Clients and Customers

 Our healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby) knows how to help people select nutrition supplements, and other types of health-promoting products, that will provide the best value to achieve the customer's desired healthcare objectives. Prior to closing our health and wellness facility on April 24, 2014, whenever time permitted, Lon would provide valuable Quick Health Tips to customers, on an as-needed basis, and help them select the best-value nutrition supplements that we had in stock to achieve their healthcare objectives. 

Those very valuable personalized healthcare information services could help our customers enjoy convenience and economy while saving them precious time in trying to make important decisions about nutrition supplement products or decisions about health-promoting equipment purchases.

We offered quality best value type air filters, air purifiers, water filters, and bathing water filters (shower filters or bath tub filters.  Bathing water filters can reduce substantially the level of toxic "free chlorine" gas in the bathroom during bathing.   We also stocked several types of water filters and water purifiers, and we have best value "water alkalizer and ionizers" units.

We also offered detoxifying equipment (a portable type Far Infrared Sauna) and excellent exercise equipment such as the Deluxe Chi Exerciser with the super built-in foot massage (vibration therapy with acupuncture point stimulation, magnetic therapy, and Infrared therapy) and the high quality Rebounders (mini-trampolines - 40 inch diameter) for amazing full body gentle massage by the force of gravity for all body cells on each bounce (trillions of body cells are exercised simultaneously) 

A rebounder exercises all body cells - not a single body cell gets left out on each bounce.  Wow! This is incredible exercise and it is so easy and so quick (ten minutes provides a very good benefit that activates the lymphatic system in an excellent manner and also improves oxygenation of the entire blood system). 

 Our Holistic Type Healthcare Education Programs 

Can Truly Help People In Many Ways

 As shown above, ABC of Health provided a unique holistic-type Health and Wellness Center. We were located in Greenville for eleven years, but we moved to our Mauldin location during the last week of December 2009.  Our new healthcare facility was easy to find.  People could left click their computer mouse on the FIND ABC link (at top or bottom of this department) to obtain Google mapping capability for our location.  We had an abundance of convenient free parking (near our front doorway), and we had a large products showroom, and a large classroom with appropriate restroom capacity for a teaching facility.

The special features of this location enable us to offer the public a unique holistic type health and wellness facility - nutrition supplements for a broad range of healthcare issues, an excellent selection of health and wellness promoting equipment, and also offer exceptionally important training classes about advanced vital healthcare concepts.

We had the facility capabilities that were needed to provide classroom training programs for many people each month for our Advanced Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Training Classes (proprietary trade secrets of ABC's of Health, Inc.). 

We closed that facility on April 24, 2014 so we could focus most of our work time and effort toward presenting our unique healthcare training programs to employers and their employees at their facility for convenience and economy.  This special healthcare training can become a major breakthrough in holistic type healthcare training for many people living in the Greenville area.  

We understand that appropriate healthcare practices and protocols can be complex subjects because people can be biologically different from each other (genetics), and numerous lifestyle factors can affect one's health and vitality during their future years. Our dedicated health consultant, Lon Willoughby, has studied holistic type healthcare issues for many years, and he has learned how to help people develop a comprehensive, sensible, and practical understanding of the very complex healthcare puzzle. 

Lon knows how to present complex healthcare and wellness concepts information so that it is easy to learn and cost-efficient to use in a practical and sensible manner.  It can be an enjoyable challenge to strive toward daily achievement of these very valuable advanced healthcare objectives.

Individual healthcare and wellness consultation sessions with Lon Willoughby are available by appointment for people who have completed our Level One Advanced Healthcare Training Programs. 

A private consultation with Lon can help individuals learn how to cope more effectively with their personal healthcare issues whenever personalized healthcare information is needed. His consultation fee structure is very reasonable and affordable for most people. 

A two hour consultation session with Lon can quickly change the life of a person for the better in a surprisingly successful manner, probably more than most people can even imagine at this point in time.

Equipment Type Healthcare Products

We stocked some of the best value air purifierswater filters (kitchen area and shower & bath tub filters), water purifiers [distillers, ozonators, reverse osmosis (RO), and Ultraviolet (UV) units]. We had some of the best water alkalizer/ionizer units that are available in America. We also had a Food Ozonator/Ozonizer that could safely sanitize raw foods using ozone gas (can destroy pathogenic microbe contamination quickly). Commercial food distribution companies use ozone gas to sanitize certain food items - it is a proven and well accepted method of deactivating harmful pathogenic microbes on the outside of food items or containers.  


As you may know, raw foods usually can have much more nutritional benefit than cooked foods because the minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients have not been damaged or diminished by the heat involved in the cooking process. However, we also know that raw foods can be contaminated with many types of pathogenic microbes [bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast, as well as very small (microscopic size) eggs of flies and parasites.

Organically farmed produce may provide us with more nutritious foods, but it may also have more microbe contamination problems than conventionally farmed produce because bug spray chemicals are not used on organically farmed produce.  Also remember that raw foods do not normally have the same microbe sanitation that occurs when food is cooked (adequate heat can kill many harmful microbes).

Many people would like to obtain the additional nutritional benefits of eating raw foods, but they have realistic and responsible concerns about the danger of pathogenic (harmful) microbe contamination of those foods, especially for children. Is there a convenient and practical way to sanitize raw foods at home before eating them? Fortunately the answer to this question is a big YES!

For many years, we stocked a unique ozone generator could be used as an excellent food ozonizer, or as an air ozonator - ozonizer (air purifier), or as a water ozonizer (can deactivate microbe contamination in drinking water and some other liquids). This was a quality built ultraviolet lamp (UV) type ozone generator so it produced very clean ozone. The ozone level was sufficient to deactivate harmful microbe contamination that may occur on raw foods - such as cereals, fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables (including salad materials). Please remember that most microbe contaminants are invisible to the human eye due to their very small size (usually microscopic - visible only with an appropriate type powerful microscope unless there are large colonies of microbes such as mold, fungi, etc.).

People who eat raw foods would be wise to purchase this excellent ozonizer unit (food ozonizer, air ozonizer, and water ozonizer), and then use it to sanitize raw foods before eating them (whenever possible). Lon and Janie (wife) have one of these special ozonizers, and they use it to help ensure that raw foods are safe to eat. They would not want to be without the very important sanitizing benefits of ozone gas in their home as a food ozonizer.  It can also be used as an air purifier (destroy pathogenic microbes in air ducts and other areas of the home).

When it is used properly, ozone can be an exceptionally beneficial gas because it can quickly deactivate the viability of many types of pathogenic microbes on raw foods, in air ducts, and in water.  Our natural atmosphere in America contains ozone gas daily that is produced by the ultraviolet rays from the Sun, and this very beneficial ozone gas cleans the air of many chemical contaminants as well as pathogenic microbes. Without the benefits of this natural source of ozone gas, people on planet Earth would suffer much more from very serious respiratory problems and many people would likely die without this natural ozone gas in the atmosphere.

Unfortunately, many people do not understand the essential benefits that ozone gas provides to people on planet Earth.  Please remember that the oxygen that we must inhale to survive is also a gas, and too much oxygen or too little oxygen can be harmful to us. Some gases are very good for us, and some are very bad for us.  Ozone gas in modest amounts can be very beneficial to humans by deactivating many harmful microbes. However, too much ozone can be harmful to humans (too much oxygen can also be harmful to humans). 

Fortunately, it is very easy to learn how to use an ozone generator properly and then enjoy the substantial benefits that ozone gas can provide inside your home or office for the rest of your life. You can visit our Pure Air department to obtain more information about this vital subject.

Example of a very harmful gas that many Americans encounter frequently:  toxic chlorine gas in our bathrooms from the free chlorine in our municipal processed bathing water.  You need a well designed shower filter or a tub bath filter to minimize this very harmful gas.  Important information about this subject is provided in our Pure Water department (about the substantial danger caused by free chlorine gas in bath rooms, bathing facilities, and especially indoor swimming pools - dangerous area for breathing). 

Unfortunately for visitors to this Website, this department is now user name and password protected so this important information is no longer available to the public.  It is only available to our advanced level healthcare students.  They can review the very important information that we have provided for their benefit.  It is most unlikely that they will find this valuable information on the Internet in such a convenient format as we have provided for them in our Pure Water department.  A similar situation also exists for our Pure Air department.

 Special Types of Health-promoting Equipment

 Our customers also had convenient access to review a deluxe Ionic Detox Foot Spa unit that is a dual unit (can detox two people simultaneously). Very effective at removing toxic substances that have been stored in the body. The Ionic Detox Foot Spa can accomplish this task easily, conveniently, and quickly (several detox sessions may be needed, depending upon the level of toxins that are released during the first two or three sessions). We could refer people to practitioners in the local area who can provide Ionic Detox Foot Spa sessions for a reasonable fee.

We also stocked a portable type Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna and had one on display (blue color) in our showroom . This sauna was an excellent detoxification device that was affordable, easy to use, and economical to operate. Due to its portable design features, it was a space-saving unit that could be easily stored out of the way when it was not being used.

We stock a deluxe Chi Exerciser unit that also has an amazing foot massager on one side (uses the same electric motor as the Chi Exerciser function). The Chi Exerciser provides excellent exercise for the feet, the legs, and the torso while lying on a mat (back side down), and the foot massager is on the other side of the unit. The deluxe foot massager can provide acupuncture points stimulation for both feet simultaneously, while providing magnetic therapy and infrared light energy therapy for the feet. The foot massager is used while sitting in a comfortable chair with both feet resting on top of the massager side of the Chi Exerciser.

We also stocked quality Rebounder exercise units (mini trampolines) because we understand that rebounder exercise is the most important exercise available to help optimize the health of all body cells. A well-built quality Rebounder can provide exceptionally beneficial exercise to all body cells, throughout the entire body, simultaneously.

This is accomplished by gently bouncing on the Rebounder to enable the force of gravity to massage each cell of the entire body on every bounce. FANTASTIC EXERCISE for all of your body cells! No other exercise equipment does this as well as a quality built Rebounder (like the brand that we stock). 

Our Exercise Info department contains some very important information about exercise and the exercise equipment that Lon recommends for most people.  That information is available to people who are participating in our Level Two Healthcare Training Program.

 Healthcare Management Concepts

 The exceptionally important and valuable copyrighted healthcare concepts information that is presented at this Website can help you become a much better "manager" of your exceptionally valuable health assets, and you can get started today with renewed determination to achieve this prudent and sensible goal by reading the vital healthcare concepts information that is presented within the various departments of our Website (for your personal benefit but not in violation of our copyright of this special information).

Your long term healthcare - be smart and wise: 

(1) Do not take your health for granted - you can lose it (as you probably know, many people do lose their health). 

(2) Learn how to take much better care of your precious health - nourish and protect it daily and you can enjoy big benefits (improved health, energy, vitality) - for the rest of your life!

Most people could enjoy much better health and have more energy and vitality by: (1) using some of our vital healthy lifestyle concepts and (2) learning how to supplement their diet (food and liquid intake) with quality nutrition products that Lon Willoughby can recommend to his consultation clients. 
Our advanced holistic healthcare knowledge can help our customers select products and learn vital healthcare concepts that can empower them to accomplish exceptionally beneficial healthcare objectives. 

Our Consultations Department contains a listing of important healthcare issues that Lon knows how to help consultation clients understand and cope with more effectively.

Recommendations: If you are ready to get serious about learning how to protect and nourish your precious health, you should read the vital healthcare concepts that we provide for your consideration in the various departments of this Website.

We suggest that you visit each department for a few minutes to obtain a quick overview of the information provided and then spend some time with the departments that have the highest priority for your health concerns right now.  

It is best to review these departments in this order: Home, Vital Healthcare Concepts, About Usand then our Consultation Info department.  The valuable healthcare concepts information presented at this Website can help you understand how to make major improvements in your lifestyle, starting today.  All of this vital healthcare information is FREE - our healthcare gift to you for visiting our Website.

Please note that our Nutrition department is password protected - only clients at the Level Two training or above have access to this incredibly valuable, life-changing and life-saving advanced healthcare concepts information.

NOTE:  Our healthcare consultant and healthy lifestyle coach knows how to help consultation clients make smart and wise decisions about nutrition supplements and other health-promoting products - saving them time, money, and effort in achieving better health in a more competent and much more efficient and cost-effective manner.        

 Air Quality is very important to your health and vitality!

 Breathing clean air with adequate ions is important for a feeling of healthy vitality. You can sleep better and feel better when you are breathing clean air. Our health store had quality air filters and air purifiers and competent personnel to help customers make wise choices about those products. Our Pure Air department presents a lot of valuable information about this subject, but this a restricted access department until one has purchased our Level Two healthcare training program.  

 Water Quality is very important to your health and vitality!

Our Pure Water department contains valuable information,

 but it is also one of our restricted access departments. 

 Our Healthcare Training Programs - Additional Issues for Your Consideration

Your Opportunity to Learn Life-changing, Life-enhancing Healthcare Knowledge

ABC's health facility was a distributor of quality shower filters, water filters, and water purifiers. We could provide important information about these important health products to help people make a wise choice for their water situation (drinking, cooking, or bathing water). People could visit our Pure Air and Pure Water departments to obtain exceptionally important information about air quality considerations and the quality of water for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

Lon Willoughby knows how to help people learn very important information about quality air filters, air purifiers, bath tub filters, shower filters, drinking water filters, water alkalizers/ionizers, and water purifiers - using distillation, reverse osmosis (RO), or ultraviolet light (UV) - or water purification systems that use both technologies (RO and UV).

Lon has many years of experience working with these very important health-promoting and health-protecting products so he knows how to help people make a wise choice and obtain the best value product for their personal situation.  

BONUSES FOR YOU:  Visit the Vital Healthcare Concepts department to read a special article titled Vital Healthcare Concepts for YouThis article provides special healthcare concepts that can provide lifetime benefits to you - starting as soon as you begin to use these exceptionally important vital healthcare concepts in your daily lifestyle actions.  This very valuable healthcare improvement information is Free.  Our gift to you.

Our Healthcare Consultant

Our healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach could help ABC's customers learn important health information with his free quick health tips - whenever needed by a customer to select the right healthcare product.  However, it takes several hours for Lon to help a person understand the most important vital healthcare concepts (Lon's ABC's of Health Concepts). Consequently, participating in our Advanced Healthcare Training Programs will provide much greater long-term healthcare benefits than his free quick health tips could provide when customers visited our health store to purchase products.

It is clear that detailed healthcare training sessions are necessary for a person, or a husband and wife team, to learn how to quickly focus on some of the most important holistic-minded healthcare concepts and learn how to use them properly to make major improvements in their lifestyle in a quick, easy, and cost-efficient manner.

ABC's Healthcare Training Programs will teach our Level One healthcare concepts at modest cost to introduce people to some very important healthcare concepts that everyone needs to understand. This  Level One Program also provides a valuable overview of the Level Two healthcare and wellness program that we offer (affordable fee structure for many people).

The healthcare concepts presented in the Level One Program are very important, and they can be exceptionally beneficial throughout the rest of your lifetime. Purchasing our Level One Program (Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Info) and completing it successfully will qualify you to purchase our  Level Two Advanced Healthcare Program.  These two programs can become an excellent investment in your long-term health. 

These advanced healthcare training programs makes a lot of sense when you consider the lifetime healthcare benefits that these two training programs can help you achieve.  We know how to help people learn how to enjoy very important healthcare advantages and do so quickly in an affordable, convenient, and very practical and sensible manner that is cost-effective.  (can save you more money than the two programs cost you)

As shown previously herein, we have training programs for different groups of people such as: Executive Personnel (business owners, business managers, professional people, etc.), Employee Personnel (employees of Executive Personnel) and we have a training program that is suitable for Individualsand Husband and Wife Teams (with or without children), including senior citizens.   

Our Level One and Level Two and Level Three Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training Programs have  reasonable fees for each training program, and the healthcare concepts training they collectively provide is worth thousands of dollars for most people.  They are worth many thousands of dollars for some wealthy people, and they are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for some super wealthy people.  This is life-changing and perhaps life-saving advanced healthcare concepts that are available only at ABC's of Health, Inc. , in Mauldin, South Carolina.  We developed these company trade secrets and we own the copyrights involved.  

Lon understands that abundant long-term health is not a simple, lucky, accidental, or automatic achievement, and he knows how to facilitate achieving this objective by application of exceptionally important advanced vital healthcare concepts. Consequently, participating in our Levels One and Two Healthcare Training Programs can help people learn exceptionally valuable healthcare concepts.  

These advanced concepts can enable people to save time and money daily in their responsible efforts to enjoy improved health and vitality. Our proprietary copyrighted amazing healthcare concepts can also help people minimize sickness and disease conditions of various types throughout the remainder of your life.

It is very important for people to understand that abundant health is their most precious and most valuable possession, and each adult is responsible for learning how to "manage" their health assets in a competent manner.  As you surely know, life can be much more enjoyable, pleasant, and rewarding for people when they learn how to maintain good health and vitality into old age.

We understand that learning vital healthcare concepts is a very important do-it-yourself-project, but we know that most people will need some competent natural healthcare guidance with this very complex process. Our lead coach and instructor, Lon Willoughby, knows how to help people quickly learn exceptionally important advanced holistic type healthcare concepts that can facilitate remarkable improvements in long-term health.  He wants to help people enjoy better physical and mental wellness because this can greatly enhance the process of living - each day for the rest of one's life.

Learning how to improve and protect one's precious health should be a priority project that progresses throughout one's lifetime. This is clearly the smart and sensible way to manage one's lifetime objectives.  However, Lon's extensive studies found that trying to evaluate many natural holistic healthcare concepts is a very complex, very confusing, and extremely time consuming project (thousands of hours of study over a period of many years).

We therefore understand that most conscientious health-minded people will likely have limited success unless they obtain some competent help and guidance.  Lon therefore develops healthy lifestyle training classes that help people focus attention on the most important vital healthcare concepts - vital health concepts that can greatly enhance the potential to enjoy abundant health and vitality (and avoid sickness and disease conditions) with substantially increased potential to live a longer, more enjoyable, more productive, and much more successful life.

Vital healthcare knowledge is too important and much too complicated for people to waste many years of valuable time attempting to learn this in an unskilled trial-and-error manner.  That process will likely take many years to achieve very limited results.  However, completing our Healthcare and Wellness Classes for Levels One, two, and Level Three can put people on the fast-track to better health - quickly and cost-effectively for a lifetime of exceptionally valuable healthcare benefits. Consequently, it makes a lot of sense for people to get some competent guidance with this incredibly important project.

Lon knows how to help people quickly learn exceptionally important and valuable advanced healthcare and wellness concepts, and this vital health knowledge can enable people to enjoy much better health improvements than they would ever likely achieve without this competent guidance. We believe that most people can be taught how to develop a much healthier lifestyle and learn how to use nutrition supplements much more successfully.

In the long run, participating in our Levels One and Level Two Healthcare Training Programs can facilitate much more success in achieving abundant health and vitality than you might achieve without this advanced healthcare training.  The cost of this training will likely be much less expensive over time than the hit and miss trial-and-error method used by many people as an ongoing do-it-yourself-project.  With our advanced healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge, you can be much more effective in developing a truly advanced healthy lifestyle.  

You can conveniently take a tour of our Healthcare Programs department to obtain more information about the three levels of our incredibly important healthcare and wellness training programs.

 Penny-wise and Pound-foolish

 Please, don't be 'penny-wise and pound-foolish' about your exceptionally valuable health assets; wisely invest a reasonable amount of money to quickly obtain advanced healthcare concepts knowledge and then enjoy remarkable health benefits daily for the rest of your lifetime. This will probably be the smartest "investment' of money that you will ever make for yourself and your family members.

Remember this, if you lose your health through lack of healthcare knowledge, you will have lost the most important aspect of your life on this planet - you will have lost the most vital part of your physical being.

People who lose their physical or mental health have essentially LOST "the ball game of life" - usually for the rest of their life, and that is a tragic situation for them and their family members and all of the people who care about them. Please don't let this happen to you or your family members due to procrastination or lack of determination and will-power. This Website can help you be wise about this exceptionally important decision.

Get the holistic natural healthcare knowledge that you need as soon as possible and then begin to benefit from that knowledge every day for the rest of your life!  Doesn't that make a great deal of sense compared to delaying this vital action?  What is the advantage of procrastinating about this?  Procrastination is not in your favor!

We know how to help people WIN "the ball game of life" much more effectively by minimizing pain, suffering, diseases, and associated expenses. Yes, we believe that many of these conditions can be minimized, or avoided altogether, with sufficient knowledge about the Advanced Healthy Lifestyle Concepts that are taught in our healthcare programs.  Completing our basic and intermediate level training programs (Level One and Level Two) will provide many healthcare advantages in life compared to people that have not had this very valuable training.

You can learn more about our healthcare training programs by visiting our Healthcare Programs Information department (see link at the top or bottom of this Home department).

 Stress Management Techniques

Some of our Advanced Healthcare and Wellness Concepts also teach people how to develop a more positive, constructive, productive attitude (PCP - our copyrighted Attitude Adjustment Concept). Lon knows how to help people learn how to cope much more effectively with stressful situations and become happier, healthier, more productive, and more successful people - in their career vocation, in their family relationships and their social life. 

This unique healthcare knowledge can also provide amazing and remarkable benefits for people who have a tendency toward anxiety, brain-fog (mental confusion - slow thought processes), depression, panic attacks, or just have recurring episodes of brain fog, low energy, and reduced vitality and a loss of the zest for living.

Our Consultations Department provides important healthcare information that can be beneficial to you; it also contains a detailed listing of very important healthcare issues that Lon Willoughby knows how to help our clients understand and cope with effectively. You will likely be surprised to see some of the very important healthcare issues that Lon Willoughby knows how to help people understand.  

This information can help you understand why Lon can help people achieve vital healthcare improvements with our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Training Programs.  You can learn more about this subject by left clicking your mouse on the Consultations department links provided at the top and bottom of each department.  This is more Free healthcare information for you. 


 Very Important Justice Information for You

 Lon Willoughby became an independent representative of Pre-paid Legal Services (PPL) in 1984 because he understood that the legal service plans offered by this remarkable company can enable PPL members to enjoy valuable protection, security, and peace of mind. A membership can provide many valuable legal service benefits for less than 90 cents a day. Lon has been a member of PPL since 1984; consequently, he knows how to help people understand the remarkable legal service benefits that are available with a PPL membership.  The company has changed their name to LegalShield.  Wherever you see PPL, it is now LS for LegalShield.

Select the Justice link below to read a short story about some of Lon's extensive experiences with the extremely unfair, unethical, and outrageously corrupt self-serving manner in which trial attorneys and judges can operate litigation cases and get away with it (without investigation and prosecution by state or federal agencies). You can then understand better the exceptional importance of a LegalShield membership.  Our Justice department will also help you learn more about the many benefits of membership and how you can obtain a membership.

WE SHIP ONLY WITHIN THE UPSTATE AREA OF South Carolina: We do not ship products to new customers in other areas of SC or in other states due to the outrageous level of self-serving judicial corruption that can easily exist within the American judicial systems.  You can review a very interesting detailed report about this situation at this Website - select the link for our Justice department.  Lon has provided an interesting introduction of this vital subject, and his short story (about 13 printed pages) will enable you to learn about the frightening potential for judicial corruption in American courts (wherever you may travel out of your home county area).

You will learn why it can be very dangerous for you to travel anywhere in America that is away from your home state, or even outside of your home county, because the potential for JUDICIAL CORRUPTION in American court's is APPALLING AND DISGUSTING!  Read about Lon's ongoing efforts to report and expose extremely unfair and unethical criminal-minded judicial actions at several court levels during the past 23 years. (actions in state courts and also in the federal court system - up to the Supreme Court of the United States - twice)   

 Fair and Impartial Justice for All

The Ultimate Legal Goal

As an independent representative of LegalShield's Membership Services, Inc., ABC can offer our customers a legal services membership that can provide Protection + Security + Peace of Mind for a modest monthly membership fee that is a remarkable value. This is an exceptionally valuable service that every family and all single adults should carefully consider owning. We also have a LegalShield plan for small businesses that can also cover the owner and their family members (works like a personal membership policy but it also covers many important services for the small business).
Click on the Justice Info and LegalShield Info hyperlink Icon below to learn more about this remarkable membership offer. You will have an opportunity to watch a short informative movie or you may choose to review the LegalShield  program in HTML text.   Enjoy learning about this very valuable membership service because it can add a lot of protection and security to your life - you can enjoy more peace of mind as a LegalShield Member.

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 The ABOUT ABC department can help you learn more about the various health and wellness type products and services that we offered the public up to the time for many years (we closed our health facility on April 24, 2014).  We have retained the essence of this information on our current Website so visitors to this Website can obtain a good understanding of the comprehensive nature of our work in the natural health and wellness field

The ABOUT ABC department also provides important background information about our company and about our health consultant, Lon Willoughby, the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc.   We also included some important healthcare information in this department for special healthcare benefits to our visitors.


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