Nature's Sunshine Company

Nature's Sunshine Company

A Major Natural Health and Wellness Products Company

 Nature's Sunshine was started in 1972 as a very small company in Utah, about 47 years ago.  The company gradually established a reputation as an excellent herbal products company, and it has grown and grown over the years to become a large sophisticated company.  It is now a well respected company, recognized as one of the major leaders in the herbal nutrition and natural healthcare products industry. 

This very special company has helped a lot of people
improve their lives with very important natural healthcare educational information in the form of printed materials, classroom education, seminars, and more recently webinars (for the Internet age).  The company has developed into a major leader with high quality herbal products and herbal formulations, as well as many other nutritional type products.

They hired herbal experts and nutrition experts that helped them develop many proprietary herbal formulations and other special nutrition products.  Their high quality health products enable people to have alternative health options for improving a broad range of healthcare issues that may need some herbal and other types of nutritional support.  

The following information will introduce you to
Nature's Sunshine Products
(NSP) and a remarkable natural healthcare oriented company that has helped more than a million people learn how to improve their lives with important natural healthcare information.
The company has developed hundreds of high quality herbal and nutritional supplements
that they offer for sale through their independent representatives (located in many countries).  You will find that they also offer many other health care related products.

Their outstanding sophisticated
Website offers all visitors a FREE computerized on-line health assessment. This valuable healthcare assessment may provide you with helpful information about some of your body systems.  You can easily activate your free health assessment by selecting thon-line Health Assessment  option that is located in the Shop department.

We suggest that you consider doing two Health Assessments - the first one can list all of the major health issues that you are aware of in your body - the second assessment can be limited to your most important or most urgent health issue.  The Health Assessment system will give you a visual presentation of some suggested Nature's Sunshine products.  These special products may be helpful to you regarding the health issues that you selected to evaluate for your health assessment scan. 

Our Website information shows that our company, ABC of Health, likes the Nature's Sunshine Company a lot because we like Nature's Sunshine Quality Herbal Products, and we also like the way the company provides excellent health care education services for it's many thousands of independent representatives, spread over Planet Earth. 

This a very dependable and reliable company that has very good quality herbal products, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein powders, colon cleansers, intestinal cleansers, parasite cleansers, super fruit drinks, and much more.

You will find a convenient hyperlink (link) below that will enable you to take a quick look at the very sophisticated Nature's Sunshine Website and review the types of health promoting products that NSP offers the world - to help people improve their own health care.  Through their many thousands of independent representatives, the company is helping improve the health care actions of families in many countries every day that goes by.  

From the brief overview presented above, you can quickly understand that this is a very special natural healthcare education and products company.  For those of us living in the southern area of the USA, their distribution center in the Atlanta, Georgia area provides fast delivery of products - usually just one day by UPS into the Greenville, SC area if a customer or independent representative places their order before 12:00 noon Eastern time the day before they want to receive their products.  

You can select the convenient link below to go directly to our ABC of Health account at their outstanding sophisticated Website.  You will be enabled to take a good look at Nature's Sunshine.

 Recommendation:  If you are ready to get serious about learning how to protect and nourish your precious natural healthcare assets, you should review the natural healthcare concepts that we provide for your consideration in the various departments of this Website. 

We suggest that you visit and scroll through each department for a few minutes to obtain a quick overview of the information that is presented and then come back and spend some time with the departments that have the highest priority for your health care concerns right now. 

It is best to review these departments in this order: HomeConsultation Info, and then the About Us department.  This exceptionally valuable natural healthcare concepts information can help you understand how to make some very important improvements in your lifestyle, starting today.  All of this health care information is FREE (when used in compliance with our Terms of Use) - this is our health care concepts gift to you for visiting our Website and being interested in taking better care of your precious health assets.


 Our natural healthcare consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby) knows how to help our "qualified education clients" make smart and wise decisions about nutrition supplements and other health-promoting products - saving them time, money, and effort in achieving better health in a more competent and more efficient and cost-effective manner.  He has developed advanced natural healthcare concepts that can enable our qualified clients to get on the fast track to better health. 

Please don't be selfish, stingy, stubborn, and foolish about taking better care of your health - as many people in America apparently do.  When you lose your good health, you've lost the ball game of life in a big way.  Look around you and observe; millions of people are suffering daily, and many of them are dying at an alarming rate. (An average of about 49,800 people die in America weekly - that amounts to about 216,000 deaths per month - about 2.59 million per year.  (from 2013 death rate data at

Unfortunately, a lot of those death situations are happening because many people are careless and stingy with their precious natural healthcare assets (body organs, brain health, cellular health throughout the body, and mental attitudes).  You are free to choose to not be one of those people! 

You will need to actively choose to accomplish this very important objective each and every day into your future.  Every day is a new opportunity to do the right things for your health, or it is an opportunity to be lazy and foolish and do the wrong stingy things for your health.  Does this make good sense to you (is taking good care of your health potential desirable to you at this time - in your enlightened self-interest)?

This can be a very important Website for you because the "free to review" natural healthcare and wellness concepts presented herein can help you a lot, if you choose to take responsible and sensible actions to begin using these very valuable natural healthcare and wellness concepts in your lifestyle - and then continue these easy helpful actions routinely for the rest of your life.  

We are trying to motivate you to get started in a sensible way today!  As shown in this Website, our natural healthcare concepts education company has a lot of natural healthcare and wellness concepts to offer you. 

Our experiences with many people over the years has shown that a lot of people will not choose to get additional natural healthcare and wellness concepts from ABC of Health.  They will continue being selfish, stingy, and stubborn with their inadequate healthcare actions. That attitude equals being very foolish.

Please remember always that being selfish, and stingy, and stubborn with your precious natural healthcare assets = being A VERY FOOLISH PERSON.  Those people die by the thousands every day that goes by.  

The healthcare ball is now in your court - what are you going to do with the new-found natural healthcare concepts knowledge that we present for visitors at this Healthcare Education Website?  Stop and think about that for a few moments.   You can choose to be flexiblegenerous, intelligent and unselfish about your precious natural healthcare assets on a daily basis.  We call this action "enlightened self-interest."  

Working actively toward that objective daily will likely be the best investment of time, effort, and money that you will ever make because when you lose your health from careless actions and in-actions, the rest of life won't have much value to you at that point. 

Please take a moment or two to seriously think about that statement.  Is it a true statement for many people?  So what kinds of investments (time, effort, and money) are you willing to make in a responsible effort to take much better care of your incredibly important natural healthcare assets?  You can start today by using some of the valuable natural healthcare concepts that we provide for you Free at our Websites.

We also have many advanced natural healthcare concepts that can help you much more than our Free healthcare concepts.  You can choose to take responsible action to review the valuable healthcare concepts information that we provide for you at a special Website:  

The next step would be for you to contact us and let us know that you are interested in our proprietary, copyrighted, advanced natural healthcare concepts that Lon Willoughby developed for our company.

Be smart and use your "enlightened self-interest" abilities and choose to get on the fast track to better health for the long-term.  That is the very important advanced natural healthcare concepts education business that we have developed over a period of many years (17+) at great cost and a lot of effort. 

You can take advantage of our very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts while they are  available to you.  They may not always be here for you - please begin using our special concepts today.

Your Health Is Incredibly Valuable To You and To Your Family - children and grandchildren.


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