Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs

 Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs 

Summary of Our Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Services

IMPORTANT NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the very important and valuable natural healthcare education services that we offer.  Similar information is presented in other departments of this Website because key words are contained herein that help numerous Internet Search Engines and Browsers work well with our complex Website.

After you have read this helpful information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that contain similar introductory information.   

Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we offer lots of Free natural healthcare concepts at our multiple Websites to help our visitors get started on improving their lifestyle. 

We also offer natural healthcare consultations by telephone for people living in South Carolina within a 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (very reasonable fee structure)  We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that can be very helpful to individuals, or married couples, or families with some teenage children.   We can educate these type clients quickly about relevant natural healthcare concepts that may be very helpful about specific healthcare issues or concerns.

Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a fast and convenient way for our clients to obtain some natural alternative health care concepts information that can be directed to a specific health care issue, and obtain that very valuable information quickly at a very reasonable cost.

Our company is also developing an important and valuable Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs for "qualified" American citizens who are also residents (citizens) of South Carolina and live in the upstate area with a primary permanent residence Zip Code of 296 _ _ .   

Our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs will enable us to provide comprehensive natural healthcare concepts information that can be exceptionally beneficial regarding a broad range of very important natural healthcare issues This comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education can be much more effective over time, to an individual or a married couple or a family, than many hours of our personalized telephone consultation services can provide.

The proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we will teach in our home-study education programs can educate qualified clients about our incredibly important advanced natural healthcare, wellness, and fitness  concepts

We know how to teach these exceptionally important and very valuable natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to understand and easy to learn and easy to use for improving our qualified clients' lifestyles in remarkable ways. 

You can learn more about our home-study natural healthcare concepts education programs at a special Website for that purpose.  Visit for information about our remarkable natural healthcare concepts education programs.

This very important advanced natural healthcare concepts education is available from our company exclusively because we own the numerous copyrights that are explained in the advanced natural healthcare concepts that we teach.  No other company in America will be authorized to teach our advanced natural healthcare concepts corporate trade secrets

Our corporate office is located in the very nice modern city of Mauldin, South Carolina.  (population of about 24,000 people)   We are just eight miles from the downtown area of Greenville, South Carolina (an exceptional southern city).

ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important natural heath care information about various subjects such as:  health care consultations, health care concepts consultations, health classes, health care classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder type exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, health stores, and health food stores. 

The healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of health issues that our resident healthcare concepts consultant, healthy lifestyle coach, and nutrition consultant is knowledgeable about.   (Lon Willoughby)

Lon has acquired specialized natural healthcare concepts education and experience with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and complementary health natural healthcare concepts, protocols, and services (natural healthcare = healthcare without using prescription type drugs).

Quick Overview of our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Programs

We offer special natural healthcare and wellness education programs that can quickly educate people about our proprietary and copyrighted advanced natural healthcare concepts.  We teach these very important  and valuable natural healthcare concepts in a way that are easy to understand and learn. 

It is also convenient to use these natural healthcare concepts to improve one's lifestyle in ways that can greatly improve one's health - within a few weeks, and for the years ahead.  We understand that most people can be helped a lot more than they can imagine by learning our advanced natural healthcare concepts.

Our proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts are exceptionally important because they present major breakthrough advancements in natural healthcare and wellness and fitness concepts

A qualified client can use our advanced natural healthcare concepts (Level One, Level Two, and Level Three) to improve their lifestyle in remarkable ways that are exceptionally important. 

These desirable lifestyle improvements can enable clients to achieve substantially better levels of health and also increase their longevity potential (the potential to live healthier and longer in good health).  

These advancements in advanced natural healthcare concepts education are new and exciting concepts that are easy to understand, but they are healthcare concepts that people have not been using in their lifestyle (before leasing our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education program).

How can people know and understand new healthcare concepts, and comprehend the importance of those concepts, if they have never learned those advanced natural healthcare concepts?  As you know, people do not know and understand natural healthcare concepts that they have never learned.  

That's why one of our advanced natural healthcare education programs is needed by practically everyone, even medical doctors, nurses, dietitians, nutritionist, and other healthcare professionals (they have not been taught these very important advanced natural healthcare concepts).  

People in general do not already know about these advanced natural healthcare concepts because these innovative natural healthcare concepts were developed by our founder and president, Lonnie Willoughby, during the past 15 years.

The next section (below) shows some of the important healthcare benefits that can be achieved by utilizing the advanced natural healthcare concepts that are presented in the three levels of our healthcare concepts home-study education program, as explained at

ABC's education programs can help people achieve more reliable long-term health and help them enjoy more happiness, satisfaction, and success in their vocation and in their personal life (with family members and friends).

Proper use of our copyrighted proprietary advanced natural healthcare concepts can help our clients enable their body (and mind) to function much better and function more reliably.  Our health care concepts education programs can help our clients understand how they can take practical and sensible actions that will improve the health of trillions of body cells and do this on a daily basis. 

It is very important to realize that these remarkable healthcare benefits can accumulate substantially over a period of just a few months. Think for a moment about the trillions of cellular healthcare improvements that can occur over a period of just a years or two.  It can be truly amazing!

Our advanced healthcare concepts home-study education program (Level One, and Level Two, and then Level Threecan help people improve important functions of their brain and emotional balance and stability, enhance some very important  immune system functions, and improve the pH balance of body fluids. Our clients can also substantially improve lymphatic system functions, and  improve liver functions, kidney functions, adrenal functions, thyroid functions, etc. 

Our natural healthcare concepts home-study education program can also help people understand how they can develop much healthier mental attitudes that can improve some very important hormone functions, and these critically important hormone functions improvements can quickly have remarkable positive effects on a person. 

Participants in one of our advanced natural healthcare concepts education programs can also learn how to improve their intestinal system's complex functions (greatly improved nutrient digestion and assimilation, substantial probiotics enhancement in the intestinal system, and more reliable and timely food residue elimination. 

Our home-study natural healthcare education programs can also help our clients understand how to improve essential hydration and oxygenation of body cells, substantially improving cellular health throughout the body, and then begin to enjoy better overall health and wellness and fitness with increased energy, stamina, and vitality.

We understand that improved body functions can enable very important health improvements, including improved brain functions (emotional control, creativity, learning ability, memory, enhanced recall of stored information, etc.).

Prior to the closing of our health and wellness store on April 24, 2014, our unique facility offered carefully selected special nutrition supplements that could help improve body functions and/or improve mental functions and thereby enable major health improvements such as the following vital actions:

- 1)  improved immune system functions can enable the body to cope more effectively with many types of health problems such as: harmful microbe infections, disease conditions, and help prevent other diseases and infections from occurring,

- 2)  enable trillions of body cells to produce more energy and vitality - slow down the aging process,

- 3)  enjoy more brain power each day - more mental energy, learning ability, memory and recall ability.

Obviously, we still know how to utilize these special nutrition supplements to accomplish these very important health care improvements.  However, one also needs special health care knowledge to know how to achieve these objectives in a cost-effective manner.  That is another reason that our advanced healthcare concepts education program will be so important.  Our clients can obtain the special natural healthcare concepts  knowledge that they need to quickly achieve a much healthier lifestyle than they previously had.

The advanced natural healthcare concepts presented in our home-study education programs, combined with some special nutrition products, can help our clients improve their mental strength and emotional stability in remarkable ways. They can then cope more effectively with the challenges and responsibilities of each new day. 

Our exceptionally valuable natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs can help our qualified clients develop more ability for appreciation, congeniality, empathy, patience, understanding, and tolerance toward other people. These very important lifestyle enhancements can greatly improve human relationship skills at work, in social relationships,  and at home (can improve marital harmony with a spouse and improve parental relationships with children). 

These exceptionally important lifestyle improvements can dramatically reduce stressful events on a daily basis. Please consider that these powerful lifestyle improvements can then be utilized daily for the rest of one's lifetime.  WOW!!!  This can be life-changing improvements that may also become life-saving improvements

Our advanced natural healthcare concepts can enable people to substantially improve their lifestyle, and help them begin to enjoy major reductions in stress levels that can enable improvements in many bodily functions.  Our recommended improved moderate exercise routines (at home) are easy to achieve, and special nutrition supplement products can also be used to add additional healthcare benefits that can be very important.

The combined effect of these remarkable natural healthcare improvements can gradually work in synergy with each other to help our clients reduce their potential for frustrating and painful suffering, and minimize the high costs that might have been involved with serious disease conditions (that afflict millions of American annually).  

We know how to teach advanced natural healthcare concepts that can help our clients accomplish many of the practical and sensible natural healthcare improvements that are listed above.  

How much would our "fountain of youth" advanced healthcare concepts knowledge be worth to you?   

Are you willing to spend some more time in this department to learn more about how we might be able to help you protect your precious health care assets in remarkable ways, and also see how we can help you learn how to extend your longevity potential substantially?  Stay with us and keep reading to learn more about our remarkable advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs.

 Benefits of Our Healthcare and Wellness Education Programs

VERY EXCITING HEALTHCARE NEWS!!!  Lon Willoughby has studied alternative health and complementary health natural healthcare concepts for thousands of hours over a period of many years.  He has learned how to make major improvements in conventional healthcare concepts that are truly revolutionary.  He has learned how to help people enjoy much better health than they were used to, and accomplish this very valuable goal in a much shorter period of time than conventional healthcare actions are likely to produce. 

Our proprietary advanced vital and advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts can even work for some people who have very poor health.  Our advanced natural healthcare concepts can also help some people who are close to death - if they still have a desire to live

It is very difficult to help sick people improve their health substantially if they do not have a desire to live - they have probably programmed their body to die and this is difficult to overcome unless we can help them re-establish a strong desire to continue living and fighting for better cellular health in their body. 

Lon knows how to use advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts and special health-promoting products to help people improve their health and vitality quickly, in a practical and sensible manner that is also cost-effective. He realizes that these are major breakthroughs in understanding how to improve, promote, and protect human health.  

We will teach these advanced natural healthcare and wellness concepts in our home-study education programs, and this will enable us to help many more people learn how to benefit from this exceptionally valuable advanced natural healthcare concepts than we could have ever accomplished by spending all of our work time managing and operating our health and wellness store an trying to teach classes

Our home-study natural healthcare education programs can also benefit a spouse and any children in the family, all the way down to an embryo that is yet to be born.  Our education programs will enable our qualified clients to  understand how to protect the health of an embryo much better than is commonly known). 

The information presented in this Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs department can enable you understand why we can help many qualified clients make major improvements in their overall health, energy level, vitality, and brain power while they are also reducing their potential for sickness and disease conditions. 

Our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs can enable our qualified clients to improve their longevity potential substantially (the potential to live a healthier and longer life). 

Our exceptionally important natural healthcare improvements will enable many clients to improve their health and their life in a practical, sensible, and cost-effective manner.  Lon believes that most people can be educated to understand the natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we will teach in our advanced healthcare concepts home-study education programs.

 Health and Wellness Education Opportunity

A Major Breakthrough in Healthcare Concepts

 Healthcare Education Programs - More Information

We have developed our Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Home-study Education Program to help us accomplish our Mission Statement goals more effectively with our many customers.  Our education program can enable people to learn how to enjoy better health with more energy and vitality and more brain power.

Successful students of our healthcare education program will be able to benefit daily, for the rest of their lifetime, by using the
vital healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge that they learn in our Level One,
Level Two and Level Three of our home-study education program. 

Qualified citizens of the upstate area will be able to greatly increase their knowledge of exceptionally important natural healthcare concepts in a quick and easy manner by leasing our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program, as explained at our special Website (see link below).


Our healthcare concepts consultant, healthy lifestyle coach, and nutrition consultant, Lon Willoughby, is the founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc., our parent company, and he has acquired a lot of very valuable healthcare knowledge over a 40+ year period of time.

Lon had his 80 th birthday on June 5, 2016, and he is still slim and trim.  He weighs about four pounds more than when he was graduated from high school in June 1954 (mostly muscle gain). He still enjoys very good health and good body flexibility.  Lon still does push-ups, sit-ups, and other moderate exercises regularly, including his favorite exercises: rebounding on his quality built Rebounder and his Chi Exerciser machine.  Lon can currently do more push-ups and sit-ups than he could do when he was 20 years of age.  (He was an athlete in high school and he ran track in college so he was in pretty good shape at age 20.)  

It is important to understand that Lon has not taken any prescription pharmaceutical drugs during the past 50+ years because he learned how to cope with health problems, harmful microbe infections, etc., in a natural holistic manner.  He also learned how to develop a healthy lifestyle and use quality nutrition supplement products to support the body's own natural ability to maintain health, energy, and vitality.

Lon was not always so healthy, as explained in the ABOUT US department.  Back in the 1970's and into the 1980's, Lon was trying to cope with some serious health problems. From 1970 through all of 1979, he was a sick man with a mysterious health condition that medical doctors did not understand and had not been able to diagnose properly (six medical doctors during a ten-year period).

In 1982 through 1989, and into the 1990's, Lon suffered through a series of traumatic emotional situations that caused additional health deterioration. These extreme stressful situations were caused by very serious health problems with his parents that began as a result of his father having a heart attack and then quickly suffering a very bad stroke that occurred in the spring of 1982. 

Lon's father was left totally paralyzed on the left side of his body.  He could not control any movement of his left arm or hand or his left leg and left foot.  He had no muscle control at all over the left side of his body.  Fortunately, he still had most of his excellent mental abilities, but he was confined to a bed or a wheelchair and needed a lot of personal care during each 24 hour day (day and nighttime care). He could not even turn over in bed without substantial assistance.

That situation was very difficult for Lon's mother to cope with, and her emotional condition became progressively worse over time due to the intense stress of caring for Lon's invalid father, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  His mother's emotional health also became a substantial problem for Lon to cope with.  Yes, she had hired help with Mr. Willoughby five days a week (Monday thru Friday -eight hours per day) but she was still essentially confined to being available to help with her invalid husband most of the time.  She could drive six miles into the nearby town and do the grocery shopping and quickly return because her husband wanted her to be nearby as much as possible.

Lon and his wife Janie closed their personal business in Greenville, South Carolina (and lost most of their substantial investment in that business - their lifetime savings) because they had to move to another state (about 500 miles away from their home in Mauldin, South Carolina) so they manage the Willoughby family business and be nearby to help Lon's parents cope more effectively with his father's devastating stroke situation

Lon and Janie took over the management and operation of his parent's apartment complex business (four buildings with 44 apartments) - fifty miles away from where his parents lived.  They were able to help Lon's parents in several other important ways in the next 18 months. 

Lonnie Jr. had suffered with some serious health challenges before his father's stroke situation occurred, and the severe stress caused by that family tragedy made things much worse for Lon (and Janie).  You may find it interesting and informative to read about Lon's determined efforts to cope more effectively with his seriously deteriorated health conditions in a natural holistic manner (he gave up on getting any help from medical doctors, after consulting with six of them over a ten-year period and getting no significant help at all).  

The ABOUT US department contains very important health care educational information that might be beneficial to you, or someone in your family, or some other person that you know. That department provides some very  valuable healthcare concepts information that can be very beneficial to most people.

Due to Lon's extended personal health care recovery actions over a period of many years, and a lot of health care education, and his later experiences with more than a thousand health store customers, Lon developed very  valuable health care and wellness education classes that could help our customers learn important health care management concepts..

Lon understands how to help our clients learn vital healthcare and wellness concepts that can enable people to improve their health substantially, and thereby improve their potential for avoiding many of the health problems and disease conditions that are afflicting Americans in large numbers (millions of people each year).

As you may know, conventional healthcare can do some remarkable things for sick people, but they do not know how to treat all serious health conditions, as shown by Lon's very disappointing experiences over a ten-year period of time.  In addition, medical profession type treatment today in America can have very high costs from their prescription drugs-oriented healthcare programs. 

Unfortunately, more than seven thousand people die in America each day, averaging about 49,800 deaths each week.  Lon Willoughby now understands that most of those deaths are caused by a lack of knowledge about the vital healthcare and wellness concepts that he subsequently developed and copyrighted as company healthcare trade secrets over a period of many years of hard work in healthcare data research, study, and experience.

It is now possible for many people to learn how to accomplish exceptionally desirable healthcare improvements, without using prescription drugs that may have dangerous side effects, because Lon knows how to teach very valuable advanced healthcare concepts in an effective manner that is interesting, practical, and cost-effective.

Over a period of many years, Lon learned how to improve human health in a practical and sensible manner that can improve the potential for people to optimize health in truly remarkable ways.  He has learned how to help people learn how to become healthy enough to avoid most common sickness and disease conditions that commonly plague millions of Americans each year.

Lon has developed advanced natural healthcare concepts that can help people protect and defend their health much better, and also enjoy having a more effective immune system and enjoy more energy and vitality and more brain power. A longer and healthier lifespan is now possible for many people because Lon's many years of dedicated hard work enabled him to learn how to help people strive for these very desirable goals in a convenient, practical, responsible, and sensible manner.

He knows how to teach vital healthcare and wellness concepts that can help people quickly understand how to protect and defend their precious health, both physically and mentally. Yes, most people can learn our advanced healthcare and wellness concepts because Lon knows how to make his concepts easy to understand and learn.

Our qualified education clients will be able to learn how to apply our advanced natural healthcare concepts in a convenient and economical manner as they develop a much healthier lifestyle that is also enjoyable.

 Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Program

Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts at Three Education Levels

As indicated previously, we offer Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education at three levels of vital knowledge (Level One, Level Two, and Level Three).  The Level One education is very valuable healthcare and wellness concepts knowledge.  See our newest Website for updated information about our advanced healthcare concepts home-study education program.  You can detour over to that Website by using the convenient link below:

Level One is the beginning phase of our advanced health care concepts education program.  Our Level Two and Level Three education phases present more advanced healthcare and wellness concepts and these two phases of education provide additional information about our proprietary advanced healthcare concepts. These three levels of advanced healthcare concepts education are not available anywhere in America except from our company.  We own the copyrights on our advanced healthcare concepts so we are the only company that is authorized to teach these advanced healthcare concepts.

American Citizenship Education Information

It is very important to understand that all of our healthcare education programs also present some very important American citizenship education information, and this information is progressive (advances in each of our three phases of education).  Why do we do this?   Because we are also striving to help our healthcare concepts education clients become more knowledgeable, more responsible, and thereby better patriotic American citizens.  

We understand that healthy American patriots can be much more able and willing to help defend and protect our great country and our unique political, educational, and social processes.  It is clear to us that Americans that are sickly or suffering with serious disease conditions are generally less able to have the time, the energy, the motivation, or the financial resources to do very much in the way of defending and protecting America from our many enemies (both at home here in America and also abroad in many other countries).  

If a person wants to lease our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education program, but they object to it containing the citizenship education information, or also object to having to pass our Level One citizenship test about these issues before they can successfully complete our Level One healthcare education, they will be disqualified on this basis from being able to lease any of our natural healthcare education programs

Each person must complete a natural healthcare concepts test and a citizenship concepts test for each level of education, and they cannot advance to the next level of our education program until these tests have been completed in a satisfactory manner (we actually grade each test for each level of education and issue a certificate of education when they have completed all testing requirements for the three phases (levels) of our remarkable natural healthcare concepts education program 

We only want to educate American citizens that want to become better Americans (more knowledgeable, more responsible, and more patriotic citizens).  Vital citizenship information can be powerful when used properly to help other patriotic citizens defend and protect the valuable rights and freedoms that we have inherited as Americans.

After successfully completing our Level One Education (must pass our tests), a person will be eligible to move forward into our Level Two Education.   This education phase will also include additional important American citizenship information that will build upon the information contained in our Level One education phase.  

We offer three versions of our healthcare education programs for these different categories of people:

  • Business owners, business managers, and professional people of various types.   
  • Employees of the business people that have leased one of our health care education programs.   
  • Individuals and married couples (with or without young children), including Senior Citizens (50+ years old).

Graduates of one of our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education Programs (Healthy Lifestyle and  Wellness Concepts) will have a much better potential to protect their mental and physical health in the years ahead of them.

Our advanced natural healthcare concepts education programs will provide our clients with an incredible opportunity to live life in a much more beneficial and successful manner - much better than most people have ever experienced during their previous years.  Our natural healthcare concepts education can enable graduates to improve their lifestyles in very important ways that can greatly enhance life (can be worth many thousands of dollars).

The advanced natural healthcare concepts that will be presented in our education programs will enable successful students to get on the fast-track for achieving some of the very valuable natural healthcare objectives stated in our Mission Statement (shown in the HOME department of our Introductory Healthcare Concepts Education Website).

NOTE:  The Employee Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program is a different version of our advanced natural healthcare concepts education program than the program for individuals and spouses or for retired people. 

The employee education program includes some special information for employees (rather than executives or managers, or retired individuals).  We educate employees in some very important concepts about getting along better with management personnel, getting along better with other employees, developing better human relationship skills, building company loyalty, improving productivity, and also on-the-job time management to help the employing company be more successful and more profitable.  We teach enlightened self-interest concepts that are very important to long-term health.

The employee natural healthcare concepts education program is designed to help each employee become a better employee and thereby become more proficient in their work responsibilities.  Employees will learn how to quickly develop a more responsible attitude toward management personnel and the company's goals and objectives so they can work on becoming a better and healthier employee.  

Employees will also learn how to get along better with co-workers and become more responsible employees, and they will be be motivated to act decisively to achieve the objectives presented. 

This exceptionally valuable education can carry over into their personal lives and help them understand how to cope more effectively and more responsibly with family members (spouse and children), including other people that they associate with or communicate with.  These incredible benefits are available daily for the rest of their life. 

This excellent employee education can greatly benefit any employee by helping them understand how to take much better care of their health (physical and mental abilities).  These new skills can also be used to improve the health of their family members (physically and mentally), and those improvements can also help them achieve better performance on the job in an ongoing manner.  

All employees (of any business) need to complete the three phases of our education program, Level One, Level Two, and Level Three, whether they work for a small business or a large business.

 Level Three Advanced Healthcare Concepts Education

This education is the final phase of our three phase education program, and it cannot be started until a client has successfully completed our Level One and Level Two Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program The final phase of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Program includes some important estate planning and life insurance information, along with the final phase of our citizenship education information.     

 Management of Your Natural Healthcare Assets

Are you a Good Body Manager?

 We know how to help people learn how to become much better "managers" of their precious health assets.  Would you like to understand how we can help you improve and protect your precious health assets (mental and physical) and increase your energy and vitality while you learn how to avoid disease conditions?  This exceptionally valuable health care knowledge can enable you to improve your potential to live a longer and healthier life with more success in your career and in your personal life. 

Participating in our Level One "Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education" can be a big step in the direction of learning how to achieve some of these very important health care objectives in a sensible, cost-effective, practical, and enjoyable manner.  Lon Willoughby, the founder and president of  ABC's of Health, Inc., believes that most people are intelligent enough to learn how to be much better managers of their precious  mental and physical health and thereby greatly improve their quality of life for the remaining years of their life.  

Lon also understands that most people need some special health care concepts education in order to have a fair opportunity to become much better managers of their very valuable natural healthcare assets.  It will therefore be very beneficial to people when they participate in the special kind of advanced natural healthcare concepts education program that Lon and Janie are currently developing for them.  

Our home-study natural healthcare education programs will enable qualified clients to learn how to protect their natural good health much more effectively and also minimize pain, suffering, and disease conditions in their later life, while also helping them be healthy enough to likely avoid some serious health problems that are very common in America.  They will also be increasing their longevity potential in remarkable ways (the potential to live a healthier and longer life).

Important Information About

Restricted Access To Our Education Programs


Our advanced natural healthcare concepts education programs are not available to people associated with the legal profession in any way - law school professors, attorneys, lawyers, judges, legal assistants, or their spouses or their employees or their children, or other people employed within the judicial system - clerks of court, deputy clerks of court, file clerks, court reporters, secretaries, etc. (or their spouses or their children). 

Visit our Justice department to read Lon's "short story" about his extensive experiences with an outrageous level of self-serving judicial corruption in American courts that continued for more than twenty-one years with Lon.  These extremely unfair and unethical judicial actions occurred in both state courts and federal courts (trial courts and appellate courts) and in two appeal cases that Lon submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court to expose an outrageous level of judicial corruption.  

Lon was subjected to extremely unfair and unethical litigation tactics (extreme judicial corruption) in the trial courts and in the appellate courts.  The appellate court judges and the justices of the Supreme Court of the United States (high court) took no judicial actions that would overturn the extremely unfair and unethical litigation tactics used in the trial courts against Lonnie Willoughby - with only two exceptions. 

The state appellate courts did "allow" Lon Willoughby to "win" two appeals out of twelve appeals, but the appellate judges took no judicial actions to initiate an appropriate criminal investigation of the extremely unfair and unethical litigation tactics used against Lonnie Willoughby by the attorneys and the trial court judges involved.  Consequently, the same type of unfair and unethical judicial actions continued when the case went back to the same trial courts after those two winning appeal decisions had been rendered.  

None of the appellate court judges, including the high court judges, took any judicial actions that would initiate an appropriate state or federal criminal investigation of said outrageous criminal actions by attorneys and judges (acting in collusion and conspiracy with each other) to maliciously and ruthlessly deny Lonnie Willoughby fundamental due process of law in the trial courts involved (again and again for more than 21 years of related litigation actions). 

Those situations occurred over and over because there were multiple related litigation actions that continued over a period of 21+ years.  Lon had to file and prosecute 12 appeal cases to expose the ongoing judicial corruption that was continuing in the related litigation actions in the trial courts. 

None of the appellate court judges took any judicial actions that would have helped prevent such unfair and unethical litigation tactics from being used again and again against Lonnie Willoughby (the reason that he had so many appeal cases), and the judges took no actions to prevent such unfair litigation actions with other litigants in future cases.  

You can review Lon's judicial report by left clicking your mouse on the Justice link at the top or bottom of this department. You can then read Lon's report about some of his extended litigation battles within extremely corrupt self-serving judicial systems   Lon's extensive litigation experiences convinced him that the "legal profession" in America has knowingly and willfully taken unfair advantages of the trusting American people in numerous ways. They have created self-serving "legal system procedures" that can adversely affect any independent-minded freedom-loving citizen that attempts to defend himself/herself from extremely unfair and unethical judicial tactics.     

As Lon eventually learned, this extremely unfair and unethical judicial situation provides very valuable advantages to members of the "legal brotherhood" - financial gain, political power, and very important social benefits. Consequently, Lon will not allow members of the legal profession, or other people associated with members of the legal profession, to have access to his exceptionally valuable life-changing and life-saving advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs.  As explained above, this restriction also applies to their spouses, their children, their employees, and anyone else who works within or is associated with the "legal profession" in any capacity (includes all law enforcement personnel).


  How to Inquire About Our Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs   

You can telephone our office at (864) 329-0004 to inquire about our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts  Home-study Education Programs (Advanced Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Concepts) for you and for some of your company employees.  We will answer questions that you have about our education programs and we can explain briefly how our home-study lease system works (for you personally or for your employees).   

Our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs are valued at many thousands of dollars for ordinary citizens.  Our very reasonable lease fees are explained at our special Website.

You can get more detailed information about these lease cost factors by visiting our Website at:

If you are the owner or manager of a company and you can see how our advanced natural healthcare concepts education program may be very beneficial to your employees, pick up your phone and call 864-329-0004 (in Mauldin, SC) and ask to speak to Lon WilloughbyIf he is not available, leave a message for him and he will call you back as soon as practical. 

If you are leaving a voice mail message, please speak clearly and leave your phone number twice so it is clear when we listen to your message.  It would also be helpful if you tell us the best times of day to return your phone call. 

Our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs will be terrific values.  Please understand that Americans are dying by the thousands every day, and Lon Willoughby understands that most of those people could have been helped a lot if they had learned our advanced health care concepts in time to help them understand how to save their lives. 

Yes, our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs will be exceptionally important because we teach vital and advanced natural healthcare concepts that can enable our qualified clients to greatly improve their lifestyle and this can probably enable many clients to save their life

Call us if you have questions after visiting our special Website (link above).  We can talk with you about any questions that you may have. You will be glad that you took advantage of this very important health care education opportunity because it can dramatically improve your life (and the life of your employees who get this education).

The advanced natural healthcare concepts education program cost is the same for a single person or for a married couple, with the income or net worth standards explained at our new Website.  Having a lower cost lease education program will enable many more people to learn about these very valuable healthcare and wellness concepts and simultaneously become more knowledgeable, more responsible, and more patriotic citizens.  

At this point in time, our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs will only be available for lease to "qualified" American citizens who live in the upstate are of South Carolina, and have a permanent primary residence that has a Zip Code of 296 _ _ .  

You may find it helpful to spend some time at our special Website to see updated information about our three phase (levels) of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  Just select the convenient link below to visit that Website.  You will probably like what we are planning to do to help our "qualified education clients" become healthier American citizens and also help us progress by referring good people to us to help all of us to work together toward building a better and stronger America

 Your Health is Incredibly Important and Valuable 

Learn How to Protect it Daily

We understand that your mental health and your physical health are the most valuable assets you will ever have.  People who have lost their health understand this statement.  All material possessions, no matter how valuable they may be in dollar terms, are much less important than your mental and physical health.

Please understand the tremendous importance of this very important vital healthcare conceptand do not make  the mistake of taking your precious health for granted.  Many people tragically lose their health due primarily to their lack of health care knowledge and careless consumption of harmful beverages and foods

You are worth many millions of dollars, and you should focus daily on how to responsibly manage your health, physically and mentally, defending and protecting it as your most valuable asset.  This is an exceptionally important healthcare concept - probably the most important healthcare concepts that you will ever learn.  All of our other vital natural healthcare concepts provide supporting information for this core healthcare concept. 

It is natural for people to take their good health for granted, assuming that it will always be there.  Unfortunately, many people will lose their good health, eventually developing serious sickness and disease conditions, due to their lack of knowledge about some of the vital healthcare concepts that we know how to teach.  It would have been much better for those people to have acquired sufficient healthy lifestyle knowledge to properly protect their precious health (mentally and physically) for their later years. 

Unfortunately, the vital natural healthcare concepts that people need to understand have not been readily available in an easy to understand format.  This situation makes it very difficult for people to have a practical and cost-effective opportunity to obtain the specialized holistic type healthcare knowledge that is needed to develop a much healthier lifestyle - one that can greatly improve the potential for living a longer and healthier life (can substantially reduce the potential for many disease conditions).  

Definitions from New Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus of the English Language 

holistic - adjective of a planning approach viewing the situation as a whole

holistic medicine - noun - treatment of the whole organism, not just the symptoms of a disease

  Reading Health Type Books Can Help You

One can obtain some of the holistic healthcare knowledge needed by reading numerous "health" books, but there are many health books in the market place.  Which books should one read?  Reading health books can be very helpful about some health issues, and Lon encourages his clients to read selected health books that he knows are very helpful books.  However, how does one achieve the comprehensive healthcare knowledge that is needed to develop an "advanced healthy lifestyle" similar to the lifestyle that Lon gradually developed over 38+ years?

If a person attempts to accomplish this objective by simply reading several "health" books, they will likely obtain only a piecemeal understanding of the specialized holistic healthcare concepts that are most important.  In such a self-administered healthcare improvement project, people will likely acquire only a limited, partial understanding of the vital healthcare concepts that are most beneficial in developing an advanced level healthy lifestyle.

Lon understands that the complexity of the multiple health care issues involved will prevent most people from developing the advanced healthy lifestyle that could enable them to take much better care of their mental and physical health for the rest of their lives.  So what can a person do if they want to make major improvements in their lifestyle without having to read many health books and make many complex and confusing decisions? 

How does one quickly learn about vital mental attitude management (can help with anxiety, nervousness,and the tendency for depression), supplemental nutrients for improving brain chemistry, increase energy and vitality, and other important complex nutrition supplement issues (involving vitamins, minerals, proteins, brain health, bone health, joint health, nervous system health, etc.), and the very important emotional factors involved with improving one's lifestyle in a comprehensive way? 

How does a person learn about other important health factors such as: pH balance of body fluids, air quality considerations, water quality considerations, food selection and preparation considerations for better nutrition of trillions of body cells, important food combining concepts, improving digestion of foods and related digestive enzyme issues, bowel cleansing actions, improving bowel functions, vital probiotic issues, etc.?

Think about two very important questions for a moment: 

   1.  In this modern era, how can people learn the advanced healthcare concepts knowledge that is needed to make very important improvements in their lifestyle to substantially increase their potential for a longer and healthier life - and do this easily, quickly, and cost-effectively? 

   2.  Where can people obtain education about advanced healthcare concepts in such a convenient manner as we have developed (well designed home-study programs) - and at such a fair-minded price? 

Our health care consultant, Lon Willoughby, has worked long and hard for many years while he systematically acquired the specialized healthcare knowledge and experience that was needed to develop a comprehensive understanding of  this extremely complex and difficult healthcare challenge.  As founder and president of ABC's of Health. Inc., Lon could see the great need for advanced health care concepts education programs that could offer people a very good opportunity to learn how to protect their precious health assets much more effectively.

That objective is finally being realized after many years of very complex, difficult, and expensive health care work.  Company owners in the upstate area of South Carolina will be able to lease one of our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs for themselves to learn very important natural healthcare and wellness concepts that can help them quickly and easily develop a much healthier lifestyle.

This is a major breakthrough in advanced natural healthcare concepts education.   After an employer sees the quality and applicability of this advanced natural healthcare concepts education for their employees, they will likely want us to make our advanced natural healthcare concepts education programs available to many of their employees, and maybe all of their employees (depends upon the nature of their business).

The advanced natural healthcare concepts presented in our Level Two education phase, quickly following the completion of our Level One introductory education phase, can enable each person to achieve major improvements in their healthcare and wellness knowledge. These exceptionally valuable natural healthcare concepts can enable our clients to live much better (healthier) lives each day, for the rest of their life.

Advanced Natural Healthcare Education Programs 

As far as we know, our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Education Programs will be the first natural healthcare education programs of this type that will be offered to residents of the upstate area of South Carolina. Our special natural healthcare concepts education programs can enable qualified clients in the upstate area to achieve the exceptionally important and very valuable healthcare objectives stated previously in this department. 

We are not aware of this type of  "Advanced Natural Healthcare and Wellness Education" being offered to the public anywhere in the United States of America.  In this situation, company owners and managers and some of their employees (all citizens of South Carolina, living in the upstate area) will be the first people to have an opportunity to lease one of our Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  

After our education programs have demonstrated that they are very successful in achieving our stated objectives with many residents of the upstate area, we will then offer these advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs in other city areas within South Carolina.  We will provide training for other potential sales representatives so they can begin sharing information about our advanced natural healthcare concepts home-study education programs with companies in other cities of this state.  

The personnel at ABC of Health, over a period of many years, have accomplished the very complex, difficult, and very expensive and extremely time consuming work that was needed to make these advanced natural healthcare concepts education programs possible.  Lon had many years of healthcare research, discovery, study, evaluation, and compilation of vast amounts of health-related data and experiences,developing education concepts and power point presentations and education materials. 

As you can understand from the information presented in this department, we are now in a position to help many  people learn how to take much better care of their mental and physical health - by using one of our proprietary Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.

These are copyrighted natural healthcare concepts and proprietary trade secrets of our company - this is exceptionally valuable intellectual property that was developed by Lonnie Willoughby, Jr., as president of ABC's of Health, Inc.  These natural healthcare concepts can reduce the cost of healthcare in America by billions of dollars per year, if we can educate just half of the adults in America about these advanced natural healthcare concepts.

Very Important Motivation Information for You

You may not have time today to review most of the very valuable natural healthcare information that is available to you at this Website, but you can bookmark this Website and then visit it often until you have reviewed all of the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts that are presented in each department.

Think about this for a moment, if you cannot make time in your busy lifestyle soon to learn these very  valuable natural healthcare concepts, when will you be able to "manage" your time to complete this incredibly important health and life improvement project

Think about the many thousands of people who are sick with serious health conditions, suffering day and night in a hospital, or a nursing home, or are terminally ill and suffering in a hospice facility. 

The healthcare concepts presented Free at this special Website could have been very helpful to those people if they had learned them and used them for several years - they could have learned enough to develop a healthier lifestyle and thereby become healthy enough to probably avoid some of their tragic "sickness and disease" conditions. 

QUESTION:  Would they have wisely taken time to learn the very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts presented in this Website - if someone had lovingly encouraged them to visit this site?

Health Conditions That May Be Silently Affecting You

(Consider This Very Important and Valuable Information Carefully)

As you may know, cardiovascular disease conditions kill more than 700,000 people a year in America. each year.  (more than 58,000 monthly) - this is about 29% of all deaths per year (for all ages groups).  Cancer conditions kill more than 500,000 people a year in America.  This causes about 23% of all American deaths each year. (29% + 23% = 52% of all deaths)  Unfortunately, as you can see from these statistical averages, your potential for being afflicted with one or both of these serious health conditions is quite high, and it gets even higher as you age year by year. 

In ages 50 years and up, cardiovascular disease conditions (heart attacks and strokes) kill about 40 % of all people who die, and cancer conditions kill almost that many (and cancer conditions are increasing).  What can you do to reduce your potential for having to cope with these two massive killers, and other serious disease conditions, for yourself and members of your family?

Approximately 2.6 million Americans die each year in America, and many of them die because they are too unhealthy to avoid death.  That is almost 200,000 people dying each month in America.  In general, people die when their body systems cannot perform well enough to overcome malfunctions and/or disease conditions. As you know, some of these conditions cause extended sickness, a lot of pain and suffering before death finally occurs.  

More than 29 million Americans are diabetic and we estimate that we have approximately twenty to thirty million people that are pre-diabetic.  Diabetes is a very serious health condition that wrecks the lives of millions of individuals and families.  We estimate that we have about 30 to 50 million people in America that are hypoglycemic (another serious glucose metabolic disorder).  Our health care education program teach our clients about these glucose metabolic problems.

Obesity:  Even more people have serious problems with excessive weight (obesity is a serious health condition that can enable even more serious conditions - can become diabetic, etc.).  Many of America's children are afflicted with excessive weight at an early age, and many children are developing diabetes.  Health deficiencies (physical and mental) affect the learning ability of many students of all ages, including college students, and other young adults. These problems usually become worse as people age throughout their lifetime. 

American companies and state and federal agencies are losing a lot of employee productivity due to sickness of employees - time off for sickness and also reduced productivity on the job when sick employees are at work trying to perform their job duties.  Some major corporations have already gone bankrupt, and others are on the verge of bankruptcy, due in substantial part to excessive expenses for employee health care costs and lost productivity of employees due to their health problems.  This is a very serious challenge for many employers, in the private sector and the public sector of our economy. 

QUESTIONS:  What is causing so many health problems for Americans?  Can our citizens be healthier or are they doomed to the sickness and disease conditions that confront so many people today?  Can our people learn how to be much healthier and thereby avoid most common disease conditions? 

This is the real central issue regarding the great need to reduce the massive costs of health care services in America - a situation that is literally bankrupting America.  America's health care expenses are causing us to be less competitive in our international trade with foreign countries who have less sickness and disease with their workers and who also pay lower wages to their workers.

That is a very difficult situation for us to compete with, especially when America is one of the sickest of the "advanced" countries on planet Earth.  We must learn how to improve the health of our people substantially and thereby greatly reduce the pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and excessive costs involved with sickness (this will increase our productivity).   

The graveyards across America probably contain many people who did not know how to be a good manager of their health.  Unfortunately, they did not have the excellent healthcare education opportunity that is now before you.  They did not know about this exceptionally important Website, and they probably did not have access to a comprehensive health store like our health care facility. 

Hopefully you understand that healthcare education is exceptionally important for long-term health.  Millions of Americans are suffering with serious health conditions that could have been avoided easily if they had learned how to use the advanced vital natural healthcare concepts that we can teach in our special Advanced Natural Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs.  

Accidents and Human Relations Difficulties are

Often Caused by Improper Diet (food and beverages)

Thousands of vehicle accidents occur monthly in America, and Lon understands that a lot of those accidents probably occurred due to insufficient health-care knowledge by the drivers who caused the accidents. Thousands of people are being killed or seriously injured monthly in vehicle accidents, and many of those accidents could have been avoided if the drivers involved had learned how to use our advanced healthcare concepts

Inadequate healthcare knowledge can easily enable people to eat and drink improperly and that can have a direct affect on blood glucose levels that will then affect the way people think (or don't think properly),  Blood glucose levels can substantially affect people's emotions (anger, impatience, road rage, excessive speed, etc.) and their reaction time in making critical decisions while driving a vehicle. 

Do most drivers understand this exceptionally important healthcare concept?  Do they understand how to avoid or minimize improper glucose conditions? 

Lon understands that many of the people in jails and prisons in America made faulty decisions (about their criminal behavior - that resulted in incarceration) due to having inadequate knowledge about vital health care concepts. Many of those conditions, and many marital difficulties, and many work related difficulties between employees, or with the boss, are caused by improper diets (food and beverages consumed). 

Many accidents on the job and off the job (of various types) are also enabled by these diet deficiencies.  It is clear that advanced natural healthcare concepts knowledge is incredibly important.  Unfortunately, most people have no convenient way to acquire this essential knowledge in a practical and affordable manner.  This is one of the reasons that we publish a lot of valuable healthcare concepts information at our Websites.

At ABC of Health, we see these very serious "poor health conditions" all around us, and they present a serious challenge for us as a natural healthcare concepts education company.  What can we do to help many people in South Carolina learn how to be much healthier?

ANSWER: We have very good news for you about this critically important healthcare subject.  Our health consultant, Lon Willoughby, has studied alternative health natural healthcare concepts for many years, and he has learned a lot about the actions that can help optimize human health. 

His extensive studies enabled him to gradually develop advanced natural healthcare concepts that can help people improve their health substantially in an easy and convenient manner that is also cost-effective.  This vital healthcare concepts knowledge can enable people to substantially reduce their potential for sickness and disease and increase their mental and physical abilities in ways that are impressive and exciting.    

ABC of Health is an independent Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Company that promotes a lot of special health-promoting products and special healthcare education programs that can enable our clients to take much better care of their physical health, mental health, and emotional health, and also substantially slow down the typical aging process. 

Our healthcare concepts consultant (Lon Willoughby) knows how to help many people achieve exceptionally valuable health improvements and also reduce and minimize their potential for some serious disease conditions that are common in America.  

Healthcare knowledge is exceptionally important - it can enable a person to take charge of their health and have much more control over their life.  This special knowledge is worth more than any amount of money!  (People who have lost their good health and are suffering with bad health understand this value concept).

Is it really possible for people to accomplish these very desirable health improvements in a sensible, practical, and cost-effective manner?  YES!!!  We understand that many people can reasonably strive to achieve these exceptionally important health benefits if they learn how to use some of the advanced health concepts that we can share with them.  We developed our Healthcare and Wellness Concepts Education Programs to enable us to help many people learn how to use these vital advanced healthcare concepts

Sickness and disease is a very serious subject - in addition to the tremendous pain, suffering, and emotional trauma involved, it costs billions of US dollars each year.  This is not a subject to play games with, or to casually ignore, or to treat lightly in an irresponsible manner, as if there is not much one can do that will make a lot of difference in long-term health. 

We are still in the healthcare products promotion business because we are convinced that there are important health-promoting products available that people can use to substantially reduce their potential for sickness and disease conditions.  Before we closed our health and wellness facility in Mauldin, S.C. on April 24, 2014, we used to specialize in stocking quality health-promoting products that can make a real difference in improving health conditions.  

We were also in the natural healthcare concepts education business before we close our facility, and we are still in this education business because we understand that appropriate health-promoting products can be very beneficial when they are needed (nutrition supplements, herbal and homeopathic remedies, detoxification protocols, special exercise equipment, etc.).  These products can be much more effective in improving health when the customer has also learned how to use special natural healthcare concepts that are essential for optimized health. 

Appropriate healthcare education and improved lifestyle and diet (food & beverages, cooking methods, etc.) with some quality health-producing nutrition supplements provide a practical and very sensible formula for health improvements that can make a big difference in reducing the potential for sickness and disease.

Yes, many people can learn how to be much healthier, and reduce their potential for sickness and diseases, and increase their longevity potential, but they need some competent help to quickly move forward toward these healthcare objectives in a cost-efficient manner.  Trial and error is not a cost-efficient procedure - it will cost too much money and waste precious years of time and still likely fail miserably in achieving the results that could be achieved much less expensively and much faster and better with appropriate natural healthcare education.

The essential question for consideration at this point is this:  What are you going to do with this exceptionally valuable opportunity to learn how to take much better care of your precious health? 

The vital healthcare information presented in this Healthcare Concepts Programs department can help motivate you to want to learn how to avoid distressing, painful, expensive, frustrating, or disastrous health situations in the future.  This Website is an excellent place for you to visit repeatedly on your personal journey toward advanced Healthcare and Wellness Knowledge. 

When Should You Get Serious About

Improving Your Healthcare Knowledge?

Remember, procrastination is not in your best interest.  It has been said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  You have already started this very important healthcare and wellness knowledge journey by reading down to this point.  Spend some more time in this HOME department, and reread the information presented herein.  Then firmly determine to make a very good start on this incredibly important journey today.

The healthcare concepts presented in the various departments of this Website can help you take charge of your health in a much more responsible manner, and your sincere dedicated efforts in this regard can enable you to learn how to protect your health better than ever before.  We can help you become a much better CEO MANAGER of your precious natural healthcare assets (your precious body and mind are worth millions of dollars)

You can begin to enjoy life more with increased energy, vitality, and brain power (more effective mental abilities) simply by learning and applying some of the vital healthcare concepts that we are sharing with you Free.  

You can have a higher level of productivity and success with all your activities, duties, and responsibilities by applying some of our vital natural healthcare concepts in your lifestyle. 

It is easy to do so let's continue learning about the exciting healthcare information available at this site.   

Valuable Healthcare Information

That You Can Begin Using Today

The various departments of this Website present exceptionally valuable healthcare information that you can begin using to take better care of your precious health for the rest of your life - one day at a time.  Yes, you can do this, and the information presented herein can help you get started in a convenient manner that is FREE.  

This is a very important Website because it presents vital advanced natural healthcare concepts that can help you take control of your health and improve your lifestyle in several important ways.  Most of the  natural healthcare concepts presented herein are proprietary copyrighted trade secrets of ABC's of Health, Inc., our parent company (may be shown herein as ABC or ABC of Health). 

You are not likely to find these vital natural healthcare concepts presented at any other Website, especially in the easy to understand and use format that we provide herein.  You may use this very important and valuable copyrighted healthcare concepts to improve your personal lifestyle and that of your spouse and children, if they normally live with you in your home.  Please understand that you must use our healthcare concepts in compliance with the information presented at this Website in our Terms and Conditions department. 

Consequently, you may not try to explain or teach, or help anyone else try to explain or teach, any of our copyrighted advanced healthcare concepts to other people.  That would be a serious violation of our Terms and Conditions and a serious violation of federal copyright laws (which is a serious federal crime and also a civil violation) and such actions are strictly prohibited.

If you want to be considerate and generous with other people about our very valuable healthcare concepts information, you can accomplish this legally and responsibly by simply referring them to our introductory Website address and encouraging them to visit that Website:  

They can then review this helpful information, at times convenient to them, according to their interest in the vital healthcare concepts presented therein.  They can evaluate this information for themselves and then pick and choose which parts of these very valuable vital healthcare concepts they want to begin using to improve their own personal lifestyle, and maybe improve the lifestyles of other family members as well.   

Thank you for reviewing the information presented herein.  We hope that it has helped motivate you to reconsider how very important your precious health is to the people who love you, care about you, and perhaps depend upon you for important aspects of their life. 

Our healthcare concepts consultant, Lon Willoughby, knows how to help you learn how to take much better care of your valuable health assets (physical, mental, and emotional), and that advanced healthcare knowledge can likely enable you to live better with more energy and vitality live longer due to your better health.  Yes, all of that and more is possible with our advanced natural healthcare concepts

If you are an American citizen and live in the upstate area of South Carolina and you have a permanent residence address with a Zip Code of 296 _ _ , you may be able to qualify to lease one of our Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs

You can learn more about these very important and very valuable education programs by visiting a special Website located at:  You can visit then spend some time reviewing  our Client Qualifications department at that Website to see if you may be able to qualify to lease one of our education programs.  If so, this incredible opportunity may be very beneficial to you and your family members. 

You can learn a lot about our education programs at that Website, and if you have questions that are not answered at the Website, please make notes about your questions and then call us at 864-329-0004 (in Mauldin, SC) to obtain more information about our advanced healthcare concepts education programs

We will be happy to talk with you about any relevant questions that you may have.  You will likely be glad that you took advantage of this opportunity to talk with us about our incredibly important and valuable natural healthcare concepts education programs because this education can probably improve your life dramatically for the years that are still ahead of you.

May you live long and prosper well in good health as a good, loyal, responsible, and patriotic American,

 Lonnie Willoughby, founder and president of ABC's of Health, Inc.


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