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 Quick Summary of Our Natural Healthcare Education Services

NOTES:  The introductory paragraphs below provide a quick summary of the natural healthcare education services that we offer.  Similar information is presented in some other departments of this Website because key words are contained herein that help numerous Internet Search Engines and Browsers work well with our complex Website. 

After you have read this helpful overview information one time, you can simply scroll down past these paragraphs when you visit other departments that begin with similar introductory information.   

Natural Healthcare Education Services:  This Website shows that we offer lots of Free natural healthcare concepts at our multiple Websites to help visitors get started on improving some important lifestyle issues today.  

We also offer natural healthcare consultations by telephone for people living within a 50 miles radius of Greenville, South Carolina. (We have a very reasonable fee structure - can pay by credit card: Discover, MasterCard, or Visa or a USPS Money Order).  

We can conduct convenient telephone consultations that can be very helpful to individuals, or married couples, or families with children. 

We can educate our clients quickly about relevant natural healthcare concepts that can be very helpful about specific healthcare issues or their most important healthcare concerns.

Telephone consultation services offer the advantages of being a fast and convenient way for people to get some alternative health natural healthcare concepts information that can be directed to a specific health  issue, and we make it possible for them to obtain this very valuable information at a modest cost.

Our company is also in the business of developing incredibly important and valuable Advanced Healthcare Concepts Home-study Education Programs for American citizens who are also citizens of South Carolina and live in the upstate area with a permanent residence address Zip Code of 296 _ _ .   

Our advanced healthcare concepts home-study education programs can provide comprehensive natural healthcare concepts education that can be very helpful regarding a broad range of healthcare issues.  This very important natural healthcare concepts education can be much more effective over time than many hours of our personalized consultation services can provide

The proprietary copyrighted natural healthcare and wellness concepts that we will teach in our home-study education programs can educate our clients about our incredibly important and valuable advanced healthcare, wellness, and fitness  concepts

We know how to teach these very important and valuable natural healthcare concepts in a manner that is easy to understand, and easy to learn, and easy to use for  improving our education clients' lifestyles in remarkable ways. 

This very important advanced healthcare concepts education is available only from our company because we own the numerous copyrights that are included in the advanced healthcare concepts that we teach.  No other company in America is authorized to teach our advanced natural healthcare concepts trade secrets

ABC's of Health, Inc. has multiple Websites that present very important heath care information about various subjects such as:  health care consultations, health care concepts consultations, health classes, health care classes, health care concepts education programs, vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, nutraceuticals, probiotics, proteins, air filters, air purifiers, water filters, bathing water filters, shower filters, water purifiers, water alkalizers, water ionizers, CHI exercisers, and quality built rebounder type exercisers, Far-infrared (FIR) portable Saunas, health stores, and health food stores. 

The relevant healthcare products and services listed above illustrate the broad range of healthcare  issues that our resident natural healthcare concepts consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach is knowledgeable about. (Lon Willoughby) 

Lon has acquired very special natural healthcare education and experience with many important health-promoting products and alternative health and "complementary health" natural healthcare concepts, protocols, and services.


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If you are ready to get serious about learning how to protect and nourish your precious natural healthcare assets, you should review all of the natural healthcare concepts information that we provide for your consideration in various departments of this Website.

We suggest that you visit each department for a few minutes and scroll down through the information presented to obtain a quick overview of each department.  You can then spend additional time reviewing the departments that have the highest priority for your healthcare concerns right now.  You may want to consider putting this important Website in your Favorites to make it easier to come back to this Website for additional information in the future.

 We suggest that you review these departments in the following order:

Home, Consultation Information, About Us, Healthcare Education Program

The valuable natural healthcare concepts presented in these departments can help you understand how to make some important improvements in your lifestyle, starting today.  All of this healthcare information is FREE - our healthcare gift to you for visiting our Website (must be used in compliance with our Terms of Use).

Please observe that some departments of our Websites may be password protected - only members of our special Healthy Lifestyle Club have access to the incredibly valuable, super life-changing and life-saving advanced natural healthcare concepts information that is presented in our protected departments.

NOTE:  Our natural healthcare concepts consultant, nutrition consultant, and healthy lifestyle coach (Lon Willoughby) knows how to help people make smart and wise decisions about nutrition supplements and other health-promoting products - saving them time, money, and effort in achieving better health in a more competent and efficient and cost-effective manner. 

We can also help our "qualified education clients" shop at the Internet Shopping Mall for nutrition supplement products:  vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes, protein powders, intestinal cleanses, parasite cleanses, fruit drinks, whole food nutrition, along with any other health-promoting products that they might want to shop for at this absolutely amazing shopping mall (millions of products are available at generous discount prices - with free shipping available for many product purchases when the total cost of your qualifying purchases is $49.00 or more.)


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This department was updated on July 7, 2017.

Copyright © 2011 - 2017 ABC's of Health, Inc. All rights reserved.

This department was updated on July 7, 2017.